metro (subway)

Types of Tickets

The Changsha Metro adopts a one person one ticket system. Tickets mainly include one-way tickets, ordinary prepaid cards, senior cards and student cards. Passengers need to pay attention because the prepaid card for the subway is different from the IC card for buses (although new bus cards are compatible with Metro machines). It adopts the one person one card system, and the card can only be used by the card holder instead of for several others. Click on the images below for information on ticket prices and types available.


Click the images below for an elarged description of each ticketing type


The transportation system of public buses in Changsha covers all the urban area and outskirts.The price is 1 yuan for common public bus and typically 2 yuan for air-conditioning one.

Buses generally run from around 6am but tend to finish at different times, depending on the service/route. Most buses will finish around 9 or 10pm, although certain routes run until midnight. There is no night service at present.

The service outlets for the public bus IC card in Changsha include:

Franchised Outlets (available for application for a card, card recharge, lost card replacement, and card change)

  • Chigangchong Customer Center
  • Changsha Railway Station Nanping Customer Center
  • Wangchengpo Transit Hub Customer Center
  • Xiangya Road former railway station north Customer Centre

You can also recharge (add more credit) to your IC card at most...

China Construction Bank Outlets (there is a special self-service IC bus card machine inside the branch -ask staff for help)

China Telecom Customer Service Centers (available for application for a card, card recharge)

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long distance buses

Generally speaking, you should go to the bus station of the general direction of travel from Changsha. For example, if you want to go to Xiangtan and Zhuzhou (both small cities south of Changsha) then you will need to go to South Bus Station.

Please note that many nearby towns and cities (like the two mentioned above) may have various city departure points/stops.

The biggest and most impressive of these bus stations is South Bus Station, followed by West Bus Station. Others tend to me considerably smaller. It is advised to by tickets prior to the day of travel in order to check availability and accurate bus times.

Changsha South Bus Station (for Xiangtan/Hengyan/Chenzhou)
Address: No 643 Zhongyi First Road, Changsha
Tel: 0731-82805051

Changsha West Bus Station (for Zhangjiajie/Fenghuang)
Address: Fenglin Third Road, Yuelu District, Changsha
Tel: 0731-82857676‎ or 0731-82857691

Changsha Xingsha Bus Station (North East of Changsha)
Address: No 4 Tianhua Road, Changsha
Tel: 0731- 84011013

Ningxiang Bus Station (one hour West of Changsha centre)
Address: Ningxiang County, Changsha
Tel: 0731- 87887918

Changsha East Bus Station
Address: No 1021 Yuanda First Road, Changsha
Tel: 0731-84611431

Changzhutan Bus Station
Address: No 339 Chezhan Zhong Lu, Changsha
Tel: 0731- 82280212

Liuyang Long-Distance Bus Station
Address: No 402 Jinsha Zhong Lu, Liuyang City, Changsha
Tel: 0731-83666170

Wangcheng Bus Station
Address: Wangcheng County, Changsha
Tel: 0731-88816543


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TAxi services

Taxis in Changsha are plentiful, safe and drivers usually know direction to most destinations. Flag fair usually begins at 6RMB (may be higher at night time). Changsha, unlike other provincial capitals, is quite compact and easy to navigate. Example fares:

Main Train Station - Wuyi Square (city centre): 10-15RMB

Main Train Station - Changsha Airport: 70-90RMB (incl. toll fare)

Wuyi Square - South Bus Station: 20-30RMB

Wuyi Square - South Train Station (for high speed): 30-50RMB

Wuyi Square - Yuelu Mt/Xinkin Lu - 10-15RMB

The above prices are an approximation only

- - - - 

By the way, RED meter means 'available'. A BLUE sign means 'off duty'! Sometimes, taxi drivers will only head in a certain direction so they may ask for your destination before you climb in. They may also have a passenger already. Both these situations are annoying but normal for Chinese too. Don't feel you're getting ripped off for being foreign. Equally, if you hop into a 'black cab' (as Chinese call them), an illegal car, these tend to be reliable. Logic would state that if you're a lone female and it's late at night, better to avoid illegal cars. Taxi license plates always start with 'AX' or 'AT'.

Finally, there may be taxis with varying colour schemes. Most are yellow/blue while others can be a light green. They are all legitimate and operate equally. Always tell them to put the meter on and double check your change for any possible fakes (top tip: 'scratch' Chairman Mao's shoulder on all notes - if it has a rough texture, not smooth, then it is genuine. If in doubt refuse to accept it).

The above prices are an approximation only

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Changsha Huanghua International Airport has undergone rapid development in the last few years and now serves various destinations in Asia and regular Hong Kong flights (usually operated by Dragon Air). Flights are sometimes prone to delay so please buffer in some extra travel time.


Most people travel by taxi or airport bus. Taxi fares from the centre of Changsha should cost around 70-90RMB which includes a 10RMB toll fee (make sure to get that receipt at the end of your journey). Naturally, the fare may vary greatly depending on your route and destination. You can choose not to use the meter but, in all honesty, you may end up paying more (such fees start around 100RMB). There is a licensed taxi rank immediately outside the main terminal building on the first floor (behind the airport buses).

Below is a list of taxi destinations and prices (taken of posters displayed at the airport taxi rank):

You should be able to get from the Airport to Main Train Station within 20-30 minutes on the dedicated Airport highway.

The main airport buses operate regular service that departs every 20 minutes (less frequent in the evening) from the aptly named 'Civil Aviation Hotel' forecourt. Walk with your back to the Main Train Station tower along the grand Wuyi Avenue and the hotel is one block along. The blue/white livery buses should be visible from the main street and a flurry of taxis will probably be surrounding the forecourt. Bus tickets are bought from a small window/kiosk. It's just a 40-minute trip but allow at least a one hour trip to allow for traffic.

Here is a summary of the times/prices of services from the airport to...

Civil Aviation Hotel (for Main Train Station, city centre, HeLong Stadium):

16.5RMB (first bus 07:30; last bus 'following the arrival of the final flight'). There is a designated bus stop at GaoQiao district (hand luggage persons).

West Bus Station (for west of the XiangJiang river, Yuelu Mountain):

29.5RMB (first bus 08:20; last bus 18:00). There is a designated bus stop near to Hunan TV studios for easy access to Xingsha district for 14.5RMB).

South Bus Station (for Botanical Park, connections to southern Hunan)

21.5RMB (first bus 07:40; last bus 19:30). There is a designated bus stop at South Train Station for high speed services (still at 21.5RMB).

  •   A small fuel 'surcharge' is included in the price

- - - - 

Like all airports and train stations in China, do not accept hawkers insisting that you take their own taxi or car. It is always best to head directly to the bus ticket area or taxi rank by yourself. Make sure you keep an eye on your luggage.

- - - -


A number of long distance buses operate from the airport to various key cities across the province. Here is a summary of the times/prices of each service from the airport to (platform numbers are displayed but these are unreliable):

Zhuhou: 34RMB (first bus: 09:10; last bus: 19:30).

Xiangtan: 42RMB (first bus: 09:00; last bus: 19:30).

Changde: 84RMB (first bus: 10:00; last bus: 18:00).

Yiyang: 47RMB (as Chengde, same bus route)

Yueyang: 104RMB (first bus: 10:30; last bus 20:30).

  •   A small fuel 'surcharge' is included in the price

(Changsha Airport arrivals - bus tickets)


Changsha 'Huanghua' International Airport was voted the fifth "best airport" in a recent article measuring a variety of service factors, narrowly beating Shanghai's Pudong International Airport!

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Changsha now has two key railway stations. The first is a landmark of the city, Main Train Station (served by subway line 2). The second is located on the outskirts of the city (South East) and is referred to as South Train Station (also served by line 2) although this is in actual fact the new high speed station that has cut rail travel times across China from days into hours.

The Main Train Station is a useful focal point for changing buses, finding other city areas (such as the city's computer malls) and as a general grid reference of the city's orientation. On the station tower is 'Changsha' using the handwriting style of Chairman Mao.

In many cases, you will probably be better off going by high speed train but bear in mind that there is no purpose built highway from the centre of town and it might be quicker/cheaper going by metro.

Slow, overnight trains (Main Train Station) and high speed trains (South Train Station) connect Changsha with all the main cities across China. From Main Train Station you will also find provincial services to Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang (far West of Hunan).

Please make sure you understand your pink/blue train ticket carefully to ensure you go to the correct train station! Gates close 5-10mins before departure. You should also ensure you get on the train carriage at your designated number (refer to your ticket). Markers denote where your carriage will stop on the new high speed platforms at all high speed train stations.

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There are currently no authorised passenger river services apart from smallboat hire businesses. There have been a number of boat incidents and caution is advised if travelling by boat.


Several new highways are under construction across Hunan that will make cross-province journeys quicker. The world's hghest and longest tunnel-to-tunnel bridge is on one such highway close to Fenghuang tourist town (on the Changsha-Chongqing highway). Highways are, unfortunately, sometimes the subject of major road accidents and caution is advised if travelling extensively by road. Only drive in the day time and avoid using long distance buses.


general office of the government of changsha

General Office of Changsha Municipal People's Government

Add: No.218, Yuelu Ave, Yuelu District ,Changsha

Tel: 86-0731-88665000; 86-0731-88665831; 86-0731-88665805

Universities of Changsha

The following information can be found here:

  • Hunan University

    Hunan University sits at the foot of Yuelu Mountain on the west bank of the Xiangjiang River which runs through Changsha, capital of Hunan province.

  • Hunan Normal University

    This university, in Changsha, capital of Hunan province, was established in 1938 and has been included in the 211 Project for building key national universities

  • Changsha University of Science & Technology

    Changsha University of Science & Technology (CUST) is a multidisciplinary university with a focus on engineering.

  • Central South University of Forestry and Technology

    The Central South University of Forestry and Technology (CSUFT), the former Hunan Forestry College, was established in 1958.

  • Hunan Agricultural University

    Established on October 8, 1903, Hunan Agricultural University (HUNAU) was first named Xiuye Institute, and then Private Hunan Xiuye Vocational School of Higher Agriculture.

  • Hunan First Normal University

    The predecessor of Hunan First Normal College was Southern Changsha City Academy, which was founded by Zhang Shi in Nan Song Dynasty (1127-1279).