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WNIC caught up with Toby, one of Changsha's most popular Chinese teachers for non-Chinese students, about him, his background and the classes he teaches.

Toby is a professional Chinese teacher with rich experience of private tutoring for foreigners. Toby is happy to teach anyone Chinese. He says "don't hesitate to contact me". He has successfully trained over 50 foreigners one on one.

In the words of Toby >

"Okay, first attach my photo here, a lot of people will say I look much younger than my age, I would like to take that as a compliment

Let’s get down to the business, you may be wondering why I would like to take this job? I need to get back to the time when I was in an exchange acdemica programme at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. So many foreign friends are curious about China and have the idea to learn some Chinese language. As you know, English is the language that spread the most widely all over the world, but Chinese is the language that has the most users. I love language and good at languages, so when I came back home, I started to teach foreigners Chinese for  three years and it’s a great honor to be a guide between Chinese and English culture. So I am determined to proceed this job and try to help more foreigners who is in need.

About me: I am an english-chinese interpreter with CATTI-2 certificate, my work experience involves in exhibition show, Caton fair and medical translation. I am also a Chinese teacher for non-Chinese speakers, and have tutored over 50 foreigners successfully.

In my spare time, I like to invite my friends to hang out and try different restaurants.

If you wanna consult me about food or restaurants, I am right here. Additionally, climb the Yuelu Mt and cycle the Meixi Lake are also my favorite work outs.


Basically, foreigners in Changsha are all learning Chinese everyday in different ways. You have the urgent need to adapt the local environment including the language environment. Have you ever noticed that sometimes self-learning can be really slow and frustrating, picking up some little Chinese is good but not systematic, so you absolutely need a professional teacher to help you with it. If you have the desire to learn Chinese, I will be your best option.


This is a highly personalized class with a very small size (three students max), my class emphasis is on practical Chinese and everyday Chinese, especially I train my students’ listening and speaking capabilities like we start from the simple vocabulary and sentence pattern you have learned. But if you have an intermediate level or advanced level, I will start Character lesson which I will emphasis more on reading and writing, like I may give you a task to summarize the general idea of the passage or write an article about a specific topic.

Each class we have a close-to-life topic, I am going to show you how to understand Chinese and how to organise a sentence that makes sense. Everyone will have a lot of chance to practice in my class and I will of course help you pronounce correctly.

My class is also targeted for HSK test, if you are preparing for a HSK, I am very experienced in helping you pass the test.

My class is divided into different levels, you shall assess your ability first and then decide which class you should go for.

I get along well with all of my students and we become very good friend

Usually the intensity of my class is once a week,one hour per time. but if you wanna have intense learning like twice a week or three times a week, just let me know, and hope you can commit to it.

This is the textbook I will introduce to you:

This is the time for you to make a change, make a difference. Better Chinese, better life.


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