The Electric Underground Project: One abandoned bar, one massive sound system and the best in British underground dance music: a genuine UK clubbing experience here in Changsha! Every Wednesday and Saturday @ Hooligans bar, aiminlu. 20rmb (incl. 1 free drink).

In the UK, there are always ‘Pop-Up’ parties. A Pop-Up party is when DJs find a warehouse, and unused shop, a field, an unused church - basically any large unused space and create a party. The benefit of this is the DJs can be free from the control of bar managers, therefore they can play any style of music, can control the cost and allow anyone to come. This is a true independent style of party, where the only important thing is the music and the freedom to dance. Pop-Up parties are so important to the dance music history of the UK. In the 80’s and early 90’s, bars and clubs only wanted simple dance music to be played, because they didn’t care about people dancing, more about people drinking.

At this time, UK DJs and producers were making more exciting styles of dance music, such as acid house and drum & bass, but the clubs would not let them play. This is where the Pop Up rave was born. The DJs would create their own parties. Since this was illegal, the location would be secret, and people would only be able to know from word of mouth.

Electric Underground’s founder, DJ passenger knows all about this, it was his older brother who organised many of these events in London! This party in Changsha, unlike the ones in the UK, is not illegal, but Electric Underground are renting the space until it gets sold. They only want to cover their costs, such as alcohol and rent, and do not want to make a profit so drinks and entry are cheap.

Once the owner sells the space they will have to stop, so come and enjoy it while it lasts! The boys will also be recording an hour of music each night to upload to the internet. It can be downloaded from their wechat page the day after the event. Electric Underground was founded in Changsha in 2013 by 2 British DJs, Passenger and in:theory. They create parties for genuine music fans, and try to keep the parties independent so they are open for everyone to attend.

They have 4 rules for their parties; real music, a dance floor, cheap prices and that everyone is equal. Find out more about electric underground at our wexin: elecricunderground Electric Underground“

快闪派对”特别计划: 只要有一间休业的酒吧,一套强大的音响系统和英国当下最流行的地下电子舞曲:在长沙你就能真正体验到在英国到地的酒吧文化! 时间:每周的周三和周六 地点:@狐狸吧Hooligans bar(爱民路55号) 门票:20RMB(含1杯免费酒水)

在英国有一种派对,叫做“快闪派对”。快闪派对是当DJ们找到一间废弃的仓库,或已经停止营业的店,一个空旷的场地,甚至一个无人使用的教堂 - 基本上就是所有当下未在使用的大空间里举办一场派对。这样做的好处是DJ们可以不受任何商业酒吧的控制,来播放他们真正喜欢的任何音乐风格,他们可以压低成本,并让所有的人来参加一场音乐盛宴。这是一场真正的独立音乐派对,我们唯一注重的事情就是音乐和自在的跳舞。 “快闪派对”在英国的流行音乐史上占乐一个非常重要的地位。在上世纪80年代到90年代初,所有的酒吧和俱乐部只想在店里播放一些简单的舞蹈舞曲,因为他们不在乎客人们到底跳不跳舞,他们只想要他们喝更多的酒。在这个时候,英国的DJ和制作人们制作了许多精彩又不同风格的舞曲,例如:acid house和 drum & bass,但是那些酒吧和俱乐部并不会让他们在他们的店里播放这些音乐,于是快闪派对就因此衍生而出。 DJ们纷纷举办自己的派对,在当时因为这是非法的活动,所以派对举办的地点同常是个秘密,人们只能够从口耳相传中知道派对地点在哪里。ElectricUnderground的创办人DJ Passenger之所以知道这种快闪派对的辉煌历史,是因为他的哥哥当初在伦敦就是举办这些快闪派对的策画者之一!

现在这个活动在长沙并不像当时在英国的那样是非法的,ElectricUnderground租用了一个场地,直到它被售出。酒吧的目的只是希望收回一点成本,而不是想用来赚钱,所以活动的门票和酒水将会非常的便宜。一旦业主把酒吧给转让出去之后,这场快闪派对也将消失。所以快来和我们一起把握这最后的一段时光,因为这场派对将会举办到什么时候,我们也不知道!让我们一起享受这纯粹的音乐盛宴吧! 在每一次的派对之后,所有的DJ们都将会录制一首长达一个小时的电子音乐上传到网上,所有的音乐都将可以免费下载,所有的音乐信息都将在派对的隔天公布在Electric Underground的微信公众平台上。

Electric Underground在2013年创办于长沙 由2个英国籍的DJ,DJ Passenger和DJ in:theory所创立。他们举办了许多精彩的派对给真正喜爱音乐的爱好者们,并尽量保持派对的独立性,使所有的人都能来参加他们的派对。在他们的派对上有4个规则,那就是:真正的音乐,一个大舞池,收费低廉,和人人平等。

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