What's New in Changsha gets it's information and energy from the expats who live in Changsha as well as the many Chinese locals who want to engage with foreigners. The WNIC Facebook group is thriving and is still the best place to find the most up to date info and get advice. So, in keeping with that ethos, www.wnichangsha.com has it's own dedicated forum area that does not require registration. The aim is to make an open, free and accessible platform for local info, advice and a place to connect with other parties. That said, please adhere to the rules of the forum and exercise courtesy at all times. No political or religious content are allowed and guests posting this will be immediately blacklisted (we have to respect the laws of where we are in the world).  That said, please post, comment and share anything of use to others. Please also note that the main language is English. All users should use English only. Finally, avoid posting personal details unless absolutely necessary. WNIC reserves the right to repost/share any salient comments or content onto it's other platforms. The forum is a self-regulating arena in which posters can flag (which leads to instant blocks of posts). Moderation of content will be kept to a minimum although any malicious, disrespectful or insulting behaviour will not be tolerated. WNIC.

If you have any questions, problems with the service or suggestions, please email us at wnic@qq.com stating clearly the post (or issue/individual) you are referrring to and what course of action you are seeking. Malicious or unkind emails will not be responded to nor is there any obligation to carry out a requests.