Taxi driver takes revenge of beating with murder


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Translated by WNIC (Ben W)

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At around 6pm, over on Yuelu district's Jinxing north road by the Guyue road bus stop in front of Metro supermarket, a car scraped an electric powered scooter which lead to a conflict between the drivers of the two vehicles. The scooter's driver then called his friends to come and beat the car driver, the driver of the car then decided to get revenge by driving his car into the group leading to the death of one person and the injury of another.

The driver of the car ended up crushing his attacker, in an incident which had started with just a dispute between two drivers over a scraped vehicle.

According to eyewitness Mr.Wang, at around 6pm over on the intersection of Jinxing road north and Youmutang road, a silver car scraped an electric powered scooter, both parties then started arguing. The driver of the car looked as if he was around fifty years of age, the scooter driver looked like he was in his 20's.

The scooter driver then called his friends to come and help, the scooter driver and friends totaled six people, the two parties then began fighting, resulting in the beating of the car driver. "They were arguing and fighting for over 10 minutes, according to some people, the driver of the car had been drinking."

Once the dispute had calmed down, the scooter driver along with three other friends started walking northwards up Jinxing north road by the pavement while another two friends walked on the main road.

Suddenly, the silver car sped up coming towards the four who were close to the pavement, the driver of the scooter got knocked onto the floor and another person was sent flying into the bushes by the road, another two people managed to escape unharmed. 

Next, the car didn't stop but instead turned around and sped up towards the scooter driver who was lying on the road, running him over one more time. "That man's head was seriously injured, he died right there on the scene".

After crushing the scooter driver, the car attempted to drive away by driving down the lane the wrong way.

The car continued to drive down the road in the wrong direction, at this time a bus was preparing to stop at a station, blocking the car's escape route. 

A husband and wife who witnessed the whole event ran over to the car which was preparing to turn around and threw the boxes of milk which they were holding, smashing the car's windscreen. 

Once the car had been stopped, the people who were with the scooter driver pulled the driver out of the car and continued to beat him. 

The police then arrived and took the driver into custody, and an ambulance arrived to take the dead and injured. 

At around half past eight, the police had cordoned off the road for surveying, there was an over one meter long puddle of blood left on the road.

The deceased was 23 years old, with a child who is just one years old.

The police survey states: on October 25th at around 6:10pm, a Mr. Ou (fifty years old, Changsha local) and a Mr.Ceng (twenty three years old, Xiangnan Xiangxiang local) were involved in a traffic accident which lead to a dispute, Mr.Ceng called people who beat Mr.Ou, Mr.Ou then drove a car which ran over two people, resulting in the death of one person and the injury of another the suspect has already been taken into custody, the investigation is underway.