WNIC's handy A-Z page has details of a great tattooist in Changsha, but you may also want to shop around... so here's a quick guide (from a recent trending article)!


Address: Zhongshan Road 183th
Phone: 0731-84512296
Cheung Sha tattoo and dragon tattoo is the largest studio and the the store's founder, Wang, was the County's first tattoo artist, specializing in fine art. He thinks tattooing is not just a craft, but also an art.

Wang has been in the business for some 20 years and has a lot of imported equipment.

In conversations with customers he insists on getting to know them. He believes that to understand the customer's story, and produce good writing, you must also understand their mind. Designs generally take 1-3 days to develop according to the customer's overall style, color and so on.

Hint: tattoo in order to avoid infection, cannot take a bath in a week!


Address: Xin sheng Cun, 8th Tai Ping Street,
Phone: 13875984882
This Taiping Street spot, up an inconspicuous alley, is divided into two floors; the first floor is for guests to chat or chill out, on the second floor is tattoo artist Yao Yi's place. A small place but gives a sense of mystery.

Yao Yi is an art major, "04 Tattoo Studio" was established in Changsha and he was awarded the 2012 Shanghai elite color Black Panther tattoo contest prize in his group. These accolades and more led Yao Yi to some degree of fame.

He claims to have an in-depth communication and understanding for each customer (and only then designs a unique tattoo).

Reservation hotline: 13875984882


Address: Jiefang West Road BOBO room 18, 1817/f, international city
Phone: 18974926251
Located upstairs on Jiefang West Road, 18, this is essentailly a converted single apartment. Nice. 

Brother Jack is good at traditional style tattoos, sister Tina is good at American style and Alex is particularly apt at minimalist styles.


Address: Tianxin district, Tai Ping Street, Xin-sheng Xiang, 62nd
Phone: 15973120721
On Taiping Street there is a tattoo shop owner named Zhang Xiang. He is good at patterns, neat little pictures and fonts. Every tat tells a story, or mystery.

Zhang Xiang feels that tattooing is a creative process.

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