Excluding the Orange Island outdoor pool, here is a handy guide on where to go for the best Changsha swimming pools in Changsha (this article has been translated):

NO.1 国际会展中心游泳池


International Convention and Exhibition Centre swimming pool, Liuyang River Bridge East, Kaifu district, Changsha. Phone: 0731-82298888-3366. 68RMB pp.  Length 25 m, width 15 m indoor pool. The environment here is very good, clean water, and equipment. Slippers, towels, shampoo, shower gel is free of charge.

NO.2 长沙恒力游泳健身俱乐部


Changsha constant swimming and fitness club. Shaoshan road No. 216, East of Yuhua district (behind the bowling alley along a small street). Phone: 0731-8554918945 Constant swimming and fitness club, bodybuilding Club, imported fitness equipment, aerobics room, sauna, fitness assessment.

NO.3 华都室内恒温游泳馆


Waldorf indoor heated swimming pool, Yuhua West laodong road No. 528 (East West), Phone: 0731-84219687. 30 yuan/person.  Life-saving equipment, and is equipped with a professional instructor and professional lifeguards, an ideal place for family and friends to choose fitness and recreation.

NO.4 环保职业学院游泳馆


Environmental Careers Academy, Yuhua district, Wells road, 10th Kyu (Green Academy), Phone: 0731-89816676. Price: 30 yuan/person Changsha Environmental Protection Vocational & Technical College swimming pool, clean and tidy, a quiet environment. Amiable and obliging personal care, safe, better quality of customer service, an ideal place for fitness and recreation.

NO.5 俊康体育游泳馆


June Youth Sports swimming pool, Zone A, GuanSha Road, Yuelu district, Eight Community Clubs. Phone: 0731-88739700. Price: 40 Yuan/person Swimming pool is divided into deep water and shallow water, equipped with shower room, dressing room and viewing area. Water quality fully conforms to the national standard and with a professional lifeguard on duty.

NO.6 三江汇俱乐部


River Exchange Club, Kaiempark Grand Hotel, North South section West of Hunan province. Phone: 0731-85682277. Price: 129/person The Empark Grand Hotel, San Jiang Hui club swimming pool, is located on the first floor with decorative detail and environment themes that complement each other, amiable and obliging personal care, advanced hardware facilities.

NO.7 托斯卡纳游泳馆


Tuscany swimming pool, Yuhua district, xiangfu East Road, Er Duan Tuscany Community. Phone: 0731-82251938. 30 yuan/person Tuscany swimming pool water quality is up to the national requirements, lifesaving equipment and equipped with coaches and highest quality of customer service, an ideal place for fitness and recreation.

NO.8 红星动漫水世界


Red Anime Water World, Chinese FIR, Rushed Road, 199 district, Red Light World Plaza. Phone: 0731-82591982. Price: 45 Yuan/person. Red Star Anime Water World is a standard swimming pool (50 meters long and 35 meters wide, about 1.3 to 1.7 meters deep), dolphin slide, elephant slide, normal slides, water trampoline, seesaws, water basketball, water-rafting and water wheels. A 24-hour change of water cycle!

NO.9 蔚蓝海岸健身会所


Riviera Fitness Club, Yuelu Hanguang Road, No. 660, Riviera (Yuelu District North), Phone: 0731-88826557. Price: 50 Yuan/person Riviera West is currently the largest, most elegant and most comprehensiveprofessional swimming and fitness club comprising an indoor heated swimming pool (a 24-hour cycle of water change and disinfection). Spa, outdoor pool, fitness arena, professional yoga instruction, swimming courses, indoor badminton courts, table-tennis, basketball, shower, sauna and steam room. Riviera swimming and fitness club is your swimming, fitness, recreation and leisure epicentre!

NO.10 保利阆峰云墅游泳馆


Feng Yun Shu, Yuhua district, Furong road, 200 meters North of the Zoo. Phone: 0731-88739700. Price: 50 Yuan/person 'Cloud Poly Lofty Peaks Villa' swimming pool is a heated indoor pool. It's equipped with bath room, changing rooms, a viewing area, hair dryer, slippers, toiletries, etc. Water quality fully conforms to the national standard with a professional lifeguard service.

NO.11 绿色体育游泳馆


Green Sport Swimming Pool, Furong district, North Station Road, No. 319. Phone: 13507412857. Price: 30 yuan/person. Green Sports Swimming Pools belongs to the Hunan Provincial Sports & Education Bureau and attaches great importance to a professional sports venue operation. It also offers a variety of sports.

NO.12 通程国际大酒店游泳池


Dolton Hotel Swimming Pool, Shaoshan Road, Changsha, 149th. Phone number: 84168888-20902. Price: 88 Yuan/person This swimming pool is 210 square meters with pool water quality up to the national requirements, life-saving equipment, and equipped with coaches and professional staff. Swimming pool equipped with bath room, changing rooms, a viewing area, hair dryer, slippers, toiletries, etc.

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