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Now you don't need to buy a transport card or buy journey tickets, you just need to swipe your phone at the gates to take the subway.

As of October, residents can go to 5 different stations on line 2 in order to switch their SIM card free of charge and set up their payment method, they are then able to use their phone to take the subway or bus and can enjoy a discount of 10% on subway tickets and 30% on bus tickets.

Changsha railway transport group and China software have collaborated to make the transaction system platform "Shan Ke Feng", a system linking the subway with the three large mobile operators China mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom.

What are the conditions for using this service?

The user needs a mobile phone that supports 'NFC' or has the NFC function opened up. They also need a mobile phone number of one of the three large mobile phone operators. The user will also need a union pay bank card and account. If the user meets these requirements they will be able to apply for the phone payment service.

The Changsha railway group will switch the user's SIM card free of charge when setting up the new subway payment method, and they can also change the user's phone number free of charge, no deposits needed.

Customers who want to set up this new transportation payment method can go to Wu Yi square, Fu Rong square, Ying Wang Zhen or Changsha avenue where the Changsha railway group has set up "subway phone payment service stations":










As of right now, customers who want to have this payment method set up on their phones must have a phone which both supports and has the NFC function, and an android operating system. Windows phones do not support this function. Apple phones are also unable to support this new payment method as they don't have the NFC function available on them.

Although iPhone 6 and 6 plus phones both have the NFC function, however it is restricted to the Apple pay system only.

What is NFC?

NFC stands for 'Near Field Communication', phones which have the NFC function are able to use this new payment method on buses and on the subway, they will also be able to be used to pay through NFC enabled POS card machines instead of a credit or debit card.

Right now there are only 46 models of smartphones which have the NFC function enabled. Customers can ask at the store as to whether their phone has the NFC function, and are also able to enquire at any of the three large phone operating companies.

Workers have said that there may be an announcement of an Apple bracelet which will be able to link up with an apple phone in order to be used as a transport card.

In the next few months, there will be a top-up method where customers will be able to use the Internet, wechat, and convenience stores to top-up their transport cards.

When paying for the bus or subway, will the transport cost and phone credit be linked together?

The transport account is completely independent, sort of like an electronic wallet, therefore it's completely separate from the customer's phone credit.

In the future what other payments will I be able to use my phone for?

In the future this payment method will be set up across China, therefore customers will be able to use their phones to pay for the subway and bus in other cities freely and easily. They will also be able to use their phone to pay for low-value transactions at the shops around the stations.

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