How it works >>>
1. Choose items of 100RMB or more
2. Call and state your delivery time/place clearly
3. Show the ECARD upon delivery and payment

HOTLINE: 0731-85226760

(9am-8pm daily)

Remember to show your WNIC Changsha Card to claim the 'free delivery'
Don't have an ECARD? Simply download your FREE Ecard and check out all the other offers HERE

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WNIC is not responsible for this service and receives no financial benefit from Subway of any other party. Please check the total cost carefully prior to ordering. You may need to ask a Chinese person to help you. Always confirm the total cost and that you will not have to pay for delivery fee at the time of ordering. You may also want to mention that you have the "WNIC Changsha Card". If you experience any problems in not getting the free delivery with the card, please let us know:

'VALUE' RANGE (18yuan for 6 inch)

Spicy Italian >

B.L.T >

Veggie Delight >

Italian Sausage >

Chicken Teriyaki >


(25Yuan for 6 inch)

Subway Melt >

Steak & Cheese >

Please try to have the correct change at the time of Changsha Card presentation and delivery

Seafood Sensation >

Ham >


(22yuan for 6 inch)

Italian B.M.T. >

Roasted Chicken >

Turkey Breast >

Tuna >

Roast Beef >

Subway Club >

Cookies, drinks, wraps...


3yuan for 1, 8yuan for 3, 30yuan for 12

Chips/Crisps: 6yuan each

Extra cheese/bacon/meat/egg mayo: range from 2-16yuan

Wraps: TBA