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Rail ticket purchasing and travel before, during and after the Spring Festival season is the busiest time of the year and sees the largest movement of people in the world. People venture home, across provinces and wintry landscapes, to make it 'home' for the 7 day holidays, usually held late January/early February. Here, WNIC has garnered information about this year's ticketing rules from 掌上潇湘 

If you need to know more about rail travel in China at this time or generally, check out the very useful and free When In China guide to rail travel in China. This will also give valuable tips about China generally.

General notes about ticketing:

  • Internet tickets will go on sale from Sunday December 7th with phone ticket sales starting 60 days in advance of Spring Festival on December 22nd.

On December 1st, there is a pre-sale period from 20 days to 30 days, from December 2nd to December 6th, the pre-sale period is extended further longer than one day per day 6days; December 6extending the pre-sale period up to 60 days

It is learnt that the 2015 Spring Festival from February 4, according to this calculation,then pushing 60 days on December 7you can buy train tickets for 2015first day of the Spring Festival transportation.

The better news is that after the Spring Festival travel season is over, ticket pre-saleperiod 60 days will become a regular measure station, Windows and other ticketingmethods based upon the wrong principle of synchronous execution two days after (58days to buy tickets in advance).

2015 new years tickets now on sale

Mid to late December Festival tickets open snatch

Ticket presale period was extended to 60 days, some still don't understand exactlywhen to buy tickets for the next home. If you are one of these confused people, here's a closer look at.

2015 Spring Festival holiday is February 1 September-February 25th7 days. February19 to leave as early as December 22 will be able to buy a ticket. Since February 19, isthe first day, everyone was reunited with his family at this time, if you do not want tofirst go home and on his way, that will buy tickets before December 22.

If you want to reunite with my family on new year's Eve or new year's eve before,place an order ahead of time should drive more than 10 hours, preferably beforeDecember 20, stare 12306 website.

If you are self-employedor work group, holiday arranged by himself, why don't yougo home early purchases around December 15 a ticket, you can avoid the peak.

Money or not returning home, don't have to tell you the importance for peoplewandering outside the Spring Festival, so December 20 front and rear (two day ticketscan be purchased before the new year's Eve) is the peak railway passenger flow, poorRob, you'd better network under good conditions, booking through the Internet(12306 website and 12306APP) ticket.

Need to be reminded of is that different stationtrain tickets go on sale at differenttimes are not the same, you better go on sale time.

As of December new refund options

15 days in advance of refund do not charge a cancellation fee

In addition to the ticket, you have to watch, the railway sector has a new policy, arefund may save money.

December railway company new refund method, namely: ticket pre-sale period isextended to 60 days, to drive more than 15 days prior to a refund, do not charge acancellation fee.

This does not mean that no charge for all refunds, refunds were within the 15th beforedriving should be charged. Charge: driving for more than 48 hours before, acancellation fee for fares 5%; between 24 to 48 hours to 10%; 20% with less than 24hours. A cancellation fee of at least 2 starts.

New refund approach also has phase corresponds to of modified signed policy, if you is drive Qian 48 hours above refund, can modified signed presale period within of arbitrary trips; drive Qian 48 hours within, can modified signed from handle modified signed of up coupon date day 24:00 Zhijian of other trips, not handle coupon date yihou of modified signed; drive zhihou, still can modified signed day other trips.