Simenkou pedestrian overpass dismantled

Updated: 2014-08-21

Starting from Aug 20, the three-year-old Simenkou pedestrian overpass in the city of Changsha was dismantled, clearing the way for the construction of metro line 1 and the underground civil air defence project between Jiefang Road and Wuyi Square. A makeshift overcrossing has been built on the west side for residents, reported Changsha Evening News.

On Aug 19, a newly-built makeshift steel bridge was opened on the west side of Simenkou on Jiefang West Road. [Photo by Yu Zhixiong]

"The overcrossing has been in use for only three years. Why is it being demolished?" He Degui, a resident in Changsha, asked when he passed by the overcrossing last night. A principal from Changsha Rail Transit (Group) explained that an underground civil air defence project will be built under the 300-meter-long street between Jiefang Road and Wuyi Square to solve the cross-street problem. If the overcrossing were not demolished, neither the construction of the metro line nor the underground air defense project could proceed. 

Since the project is at the intersection of busy streets, the construction can only be carried out at night, said the official. The construction work will start at midnight and stop at 6 am when the site has to be cleared for traffic, allowing less than six hours a day. 

The Simenkou overcrossing was mainly made of steel. After demolition, the material can be used in the building of other overcrossings in the city.

To guarantee the smooth progress of the construction and traffic safety, the traffic police department will implement traffic controls in the area: From Aug 20 to 22 and Aug 24 to 26, between midnight and 6 am, no vehicles are being allowed to enter the part of Jiefang Road from Xiangjiang Road to the Cai'e Road crossing, and the part of Huangxing Road between the Dongpailou crossing and the crossing of Jiefang Road. 

Source: Changsha Evening News