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Specialing in Western and Arabic (halal) 'fast food' including falafels, good quality 'shisha' (hookah) and a selection of hot drinks,  ice cream, fresh juice and milkshakes. Further dishes include Shawerma, shish tawook, kabab, fajita, hamburgers, hotdogs, nuggets and pizza. Price range: Low-medium. Cuisine: Arabic/Halal/Western. It is located in front of "85's Cafe".  

Central South University, South Gate, Changsha (湖南长沙 岳麓区 麓山南路 悦购广场负一楼 麓山美庐)

Koala Cafe

Koala Cafe is a Halal food cafe which supplies Asian, Continental, Arabian food as well as Barbecue. All the food is prepared by foreign chefs. Fahran and Haq Nawaz are professional and experienced chefs who were invited from Pakistan. This is a fairly popular and affordable place which also does party menus. Price range: Low-medium. Cuisine: Arabic/Halal/BBQ.

B1 (the first Dining Hall), Medical College, Hunan Normal University, No. 371, Tongzipo Road, Yuelu District, Changsha. 我们的地址在桐梓坡路,步步高正对面,湖南师范大学医学院一食堂的负一楼。 Tel:13487310648. <More>

Pakistan House

This tucked away, out of sight gem on the West side of the river, is run by a team of Pakistani chefs and serves up an impressive array of dishes. They serve Chicken Masala, Korma dishes and chapatis, to name a few. Well worth a try. 

长沙岳麓区金星路与桐梓坡路交汇处 步步高广场后湘腾城市广场2栋一单元602室. Changsha (Yuelu district) road and Venus TongZi ramp interchange. The restaurant is actually located inside a residential building courtyard in the XiangTeng city plaza area (room 602, building A, unit 2). It is advisable to call for further directions. 
Tel: 131-7048-0221


Deli Burger

Many consider this to be the best burger spot in town. A limited menu is made up for the impressive burgers, plus other side dishes, making this a worthy visit. Expats tend to make frequent visits to this tucked-away place, located up a side street just south of the Sheraton Hotel (Furong Lu). Go up the side street and it's on your left hand side. Price range: medium. Cuisine: Western

长沙市开福区芙蓉中路长远大厦103号(建湘北路,近喜来登酒店)。Tel:0731-85211901 . 103 JianXiang Lu, off Furong Lu (one block south of the Sheraton Hotel. Look at a Motel 168).Subway: Furong Square.

Let's Bar & Diner

Now located in two separate areas (ID Mall and Liuyang River Commercial Plaza), this is a popular burger, nachos and fries place with excellent American-style decor and a range of good, imported bottled beers.

4th Floor, ID MALL, 216 PoZi Jie, Tianxin, Changsha, 中国 湖南省长沙市天心区坡子街216号悦方ID MALL L452. Tel:+86 073185819559



Set around an architecturally stunning complex, complete with open-air opera performances throughout the year, HouGongDian is a famous Hunan eating spot. Trolleys navigate the tables to offer dish extras as you eat. Located near ID Mall and Walking Street. Subway: Wuyi Square. Price range: medium. Cuisine: Hunan. 

Website. PoZi Jie 127, Changsha (near ID Mall). Subway: Wuyi Square (walk to ID Mall about 10 minutes).

People's Dining Hall Commune

Great Hunan food, large servings and cheap beer set in a Communist Party atmosphere complete with huge paintings and old posters of the "people's revolution". This is a great restaurant with a special ambiance that is well worth a visit.  The proprietors are quite happy to let you take photos. Food is also cooked in view. Square tables and benches add to the special atmosphere. Price range: budget-medium. Cuisine: Hunan

人民公社大食堂, 黄兴路. Located West (opposite) of the La Nova Mall in a small alley just off HuangXing Lu. Subway: Wuyi Square.


Housed in the same building (2nd Floor) as Redlive Club this family-style restaurant serves up some of the best local dishes in the city. The interior is countryside style with a modernist finish and the dishes are just supreme. Try the 'ice-cream bread' and Changsha's good old 'fried pork with spicy green pepper'. Nearest subway: Wuyi Square (10 minute walk). Price range: cheap-medium. Cuisine: Hunan.

麦田无限, 247中山路, 长沙.  Zhongshan Lu (behind La Nova Mall and close to the Wanda Mall development). 0731-89705757. More.

West Lake Restaurant

The largest Chinese restaurant in the world, a maze of elaborate, ancient buildings with live opera performances make this a fabulous treat. A great place for a special occasion. Located close to Moon Lake and Hunan TV studios (North West Changsha). No subway. Taxi is the best choice. Price range: medium-high. Cuisine: Hunan.

Website. Tel: 0731-84258188. Recommended by taxi (near Moon Lake scenic area).


Bach's Bakery

Well, this is not strictly a restaurant but a famous charity bakery. This not-for-profit German-run bakery has a range of cakes and German-style breads that are well known throughout Changsha. All their employees are hard of hearing and their bread, cookies, muffins and cookies are freshly made every day. Perfect for a sit-down snack. Price range: variable. Cuisine: German.

8 XiangChun Lu (Off XiangChun Lu just north of the city centre. Look for the Bach's Bakery sign). Website.

Flower Time

Elegant, romantic, quiet and dream-like, featuring an impressive range of exquisite culinary dishes to whet any appetite. This is the only authentic restaurant in Changsha and the variety of dishes are all guided by local celebrity-chef Alain. The establishment, opposite La Nova mall, also has a lovely patio rooftop. Price range: medium-high. Cuisine: French

213 HuangXing middle Rd (above the 85 bakery, 4th floor - Use elevator to 4th and 5th floor). 黄兴中路213号路 (中山亭,85°c旁电梯上4F)  Tel: 0731-8970-4129 / 13687303820. Subway: Wuyi Square (L2).


Sophia restaurant offers high quality, excellent Italian, Spanish and other Mediterranean cuisine in a stylish and very ergonomic environment. A superb place for business lunches, special occasions or even for formal functions with high quality food. Price range: medium-high. Cuisine: Italian & Spanish 

长沙市雨花区韶山北路鸿铭中心商业街C座104号(C-104#,HongMing Commercial Street, Changsha). Tel: 0731-85174108. Located on 'business street' two minutes walk, south of the Shaoshan Lu/Renmin Lu junction.


www.wnichangsha.com/restaurants-diningShare Menu

This tiny sushi den is a convenient spot for shoppers and offers a range of fascinating sushi dishes... fascinating sushi creations, topped with cream and sauces, to rolls that fizzle and pop when eaten! It is on a backstreet behind the PingHeTang (Weiwado) Dept Store and New World Mall. Price range: low-medium. Cuisine: Japanese suchi 

联系方式是0731-88666966,地址是:芙蓉区青石井巷10号, Qingshijing Street No. 10. Subway: Wuyi Square.


FatBoys (Currently relocating, awaiting details)

FatBoys' pizzas are an original American style pizza with modern Chinese influences. The pizzas are made with high quality ingredients and each pizza is baked to order for each customer.As their slogan reads "Come taste the difference!" and this pizza joint, run by an American, Darren, is a popular choice for expats and Chinese alike.

Address tba

Hawa Bar

Hawa has a great selection of pizzas and other meals which can easily accompany a great night out as Hawa is one of Changsha's most popular and affordable bar chains, boasting three branches. Although other menu options are limited the Hawa pizza never lets you down. The Hawa bars are on Xinmin Lu, Houjiatang South (on Furong Nan Lu) and Jiefang Xilu (opposite of M2 Bar and MUSE club). 

Tel: 13916551098 (Harrison). See more about Hawa and all the other bars in our Bars & Clubs guide.

Leeds Pizza

With a great range of pizzas available and now two outlets across the city (one of each side of the river), this is one of the best pizza places. The founder worked for Dominoes Pizza back in the UK so has a solid grasp of ingredients and quality. They also do a delivery service.

1. Cai E Nan Lu, No.77 (YinXiang TianXin, 1st Floor). Tel: 0731-82181517 1.蔡锷南路立滋披萨(印象天心工商银行旁,大古道巷口) 

2. Feng Ting Lu, No.11905. Tel: 0731-89676732. 2.凤亭路口11905号门面 电话 89676732 



Subway operates at only one location, close to the stadium, in Changsha. They offer a great range of sandwiches and snacks. Subway has a delivery service (for a fee) and can cater for party sets. Look out for their daily discounted sandwiches and other offers.

劳动西路418号,雅礼中学旁,赛百味雅礼店. No.418 Lao Dong Xi Lu (beside Yali School). Website.

Crave Deli & Bar

Crave serves a real mix of tasty, sandwich-based dishes which range from fulling panninis to hearty pulled pork and meat dishes with delicious side snacks. Crave is a very popular and worthy place to go for both food and beverages. At night Crave becomes Changsha's loudest and best expat hangout. It is very easy to spend an entire day there, meeting new friends and chatting the night away! 

Xinmin Lu, 3 Shimen Lou Jie, Changsha. Tel: 15388034382. See the Bars & Clubs section for more.


World FOODS >>>

Mega Cafe & Sports Bar

Mega offers a wide range of food, from burgers to imported steaks, from freshly made pizza to other pasta dishes. Mega's range is very wide and they'll have most dishes to satisfy Western palates. The atmosphere is also suitable and relaxed with live sports and a great selection of imported drinks on offer. They also serve up a cracking breakfast. Price range: medium. Cuisine: Varies.

57-1 LaoDong Zhong Lu, DongTang Dong, Changsha. Tel: 15874026331 (English). Tel: 15874035131 (Chinese).

Rio Brazilian BBQ

Located at the north end of Orange Island with a terrace overlooking the river, this all-you-can-eat buffet allows you to roast you own meat. Attached to the Orange Island hot springs/spa resort, the BBQ's top chef, Denti from Brazil, has a fine selection of fresh seafood, meats and Chinese dishes. Be warned that public transport finishes at 10pm (walking off the island to the city is about 20 minutes). Price range: medium-high. Cusine: Brailian/Chinese.

Subway: JuZiZhou (L2), a 15minute walk (or electric cart) north inside the Orange Island Resort Complex. 橘洲沙滩体育休闲文化园 . Tel: 0731-89679599-8501.