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How does it work?

Simply shoot us the form and we'll assess it and add it to the school ranking. Employers with the highest rank will come tops in our mini poll which will then be shared online for all to see.

Why do this at all?

Well, over the years WNIC has been inundated with requests to rank or adjudge local employers. The aim of the concept is to promote the employers (mainly, schools that hire foreign teachers) as good places of work and hence, avoid bad employers (if at all possible).

How reliable is the data?

Naturally, it's not easy to determine genuine from malicious (e.g. vengeful) feedback and ratings by employees so we need to 'assess' what we receive. We have our own internal balancing act to ensure that things don't turn into a hate campaign or personal issues cloud the system. That said, is not bullet proof. But we'll try to keep in professional!

General rules and guidelines:

1. Only employees of the school may post a rating (positive or negative) about their own place of work

2. You must be specific (exact school name and location - yes, we'll consider branches too as franchises can create varied quality across a single organisation so we want to be as fair as possible).

3. Write down the ENGLISH name of the employer. If no English name, then pinyin. 

4. Only employers registered with WNIC may be assessed. Registration is easily acquired by emailing us (wnic@qq.com).

  -  Registered employers enjoy access to all WNIC ESL JOBS groups on our wechat network and may receive support where necessary.

5. Multiple spamming, abuse or non-compliance of the rules or the feedback system will lead to your IP or profile being blocked on ALL our social media outlets. This is a strict policy designed to protect employers and other users.

6. All employers must be engaged in Hunan employment of non-Chinese nationals and hold correct and legal employment licenses.

7. This rating is NOT a judgement by WNIC on local employers. Is it only meant as a feedback system. Only foreign staff may use this system in order to prevent abuse by employers and their staff in a bid to get top spot. In such cases, employers will be de-registered!

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Relax! We won't show your name or email/wechat addresses. We only ask this to get back in touch with you if there is a problem.

NOTE: Any incomplete or unknown employers will not be added. This FREE service is only for registered employers in Changsha and Hunan.