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“What is your plan for Summer Vacation? Come on, let's enjoy the time in the cool water. Hunan boasts abundant waters and is truly a paradise for whitewater drifters and anyone looking for adventure and contact with the awe-inspiring power of nature in its purest form. Here we recommend some ideal places for you to go whitewater rafting and challenge yourself to your heart's content in the thrilling sport...

1. Dongjiang Whitewater Rafting 东江漂流

Address:Dongjiang Lake scenic area of Zixing County of Chenzhou City, Hunan

Telephone:(86)0734-5958889 3121888

Getting There

Take Beijing-Guangzhou Railway to Chenzhou, take a bus to Dongjiang Lake scenic area, then take a speed boat at Dongjiang Dam to Huangcao Town. You'd better get there before 8:00 a.m., and then you can take the special vehicle in the scenic area to the starting point of Dongjiang rafting, that is, the Dragon King Temple, and begin with your journey.

Dongjiang whitewater rafting is not only famous for its plenty of shoals, rapids and high drop, but also known for its strange stones, vegetation diversity along the river banks. So people can have a thrilling experience.

The Dongjiang rafting is 28 km long in total, 75 meters of fall and there are 108 dangerous shoals along the way, the longest one of which is over 100 meters long. It has the only man-made whitewater rafting slide way in the world. Moreover, you can enjoy the water parachute jump, water motorsports, water slide way, fishing at the bank of the lake, soaking in the hot springs and so on.


Address:Longwangtan (Dragon King Pool) of Huamen Village in Dawei Mountain Town, LiuyangCity, Hunan Province, China


Getting There

Take a bus in Liuyang Bus Station or Baisha Station to Dongmen,that is, the Dawei Mountain Town (8 yuan,1.5 hours, once every 30 minutes ); then take a motorcycle (about 20 yuan ) or a minivan (about 50 yuan) at Dongmen to Longwangtan in Huamen Village (about 30 minutes), which is the starting point for whitewater rafting.Reputed as “the second Jiuzhaigou Valley in China", the Dawei Mountain Gorge is where one of the headstreams of the Liuyang River (a tributary of the Xiangjiang River) lies, and it is located at the southern foot of Mount Dawei National Forest Park, which is famous for its exuberant forest, rich resources, beautiful sceneries and nice weather. The gorge is deep and remote, with cliffs and high mountains there.
The river is as clear as crystal. The entire length of the rafting is about 10 kilometers, with a total fall of 86 meters, the maximum fall 6 meters, and the longest more than 300 meters. Immersed in the picturesque landscape, you will find that you are just staying in a paradise-like place and hiding in the shadows from the spots.

3. Mengdong River Rafting 猛洞河漂流

Address:The Mengdong River Rafting area is located in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture

Getting There

Take you 2 hours from Changsha to Zhangjiajie by bus, and a little longer by train, then one hour to get to Mengdong River from Zhangjiajie.The Mengdong River Rafting is reputed as "the No.1 whitewater rafting in the world". It starts from Wang Village and ends in Houtiao Gorge, 47 kilometers in total. There are over 190 kinds of animals inhabiting here and more than 500 species of rare and precious trees densely flourishing. Boating upstream, you can find many caves dotted on the precipices of both sides. The caves are huge treasure houses of stone stalactites and stalagmites in all kinds of shapes, embodying the magic and mystery of the great nature.

4. Jiubujiang River Rafting 酒埠江亲水漂流

Address:Jiubujiang River National Geopark in Youxian County, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province

Getting There

2 hours or more of driving time from Changsha, Xiangtan or Hengyang; half an hour from Zhuzhou and Pingxiang City of Jiangxi Province. The Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, 320 and 106 national highways and 315 provincial highway provide you convenient transportations to get to the destination.

The rafting is about 9 kilometers in length and takes drifters about 100 minutes. The riverway of the drift is broad and water clear to see the bottom. The first section of the rafting is characterized by steep and magnificent canyons and is ideal for you to fight against and conquer the water; the second section boasts beautiful rural scenery and it is opportune for you to jump into and swim in the water. It is the only drift in China up to now that you need not take mountain road before getting there.

5. Huanglong (emperor dragon) Gorge Rafting 皇龙峡漂流

Address:Gugang Town of Liuyang City, Hunan, China

Getting There
Changsha downtown area-Sifangping-Changsha-Yongzhou Expressway-Yong'an Toll Station (10 yuan)-Liuyang-Yongzhou Expressway-Jiaoxiling Tunnel Toll Station (15 yuan)-Liuyang downtown area-Jingou Toll Station (10 yuan)-Gugang Town-Huanglong Gorge Happy Forest Garden (About 90 kilometers, 1.5 hour drive.)

The Huanglong Gorge rafting is 4.8 kilometers long, and more than 800 meters above sea level. The streams naturally meet together, making the river. The fall of the gorge is nearly 100 meters, and the entire journey takes drifters about 90 minutes. Located in the 100 square kilometers primitive secondary forest, the gorge is covered with lush trees and full-blown flowers, and the perennial mist and rain make the valley distinctive and special, where visitors can get back to nature and release their emotions at will.

6. Zhouluo Waterfall Whitewater Rafting 周洛飞瀑漂流

Address:Shegang Town of Liuyang City, Hunan, China

Getting There
Changsha-Changsha-Yongzhou Expressway -Liuyang Industrial Park(30 kilometers away from Changsha)-Shegang Town(about 22 kilometers from Liuyang Industrial Park)-Zhouluo Village (25 kilometers from Centre of Shegang Town) It is 80 kilometers in total.

The channel slope of the Zhouluo Waterfall Drift is large,and a single maximum fall reaches 18 meters. Here while fully experiencing the charm of whitewater rafting, you can challenge and thrill yourself to the greatest degree in China.

To guarantee the safety, the whitewater rafting boat is made of specially designed and most advanced rubber and can automatically drain. The whitewater rafting watercourse is designed in more than 10 types, say, "S" type, arc-like type, dynamic type, surfing type, gliding type and so on, you can greatly enjoy yourself in this charismatic sport.

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