Fitness and nutrition goes hand in hand. It is very difficult for most people to master both. Whether people want to gain lean muscle mass or lose a few pounds most people get frustrated and quit. All they really need is a professional to help them understand their own body and how to achieve and live a truly healthy lifestyle with a killer body!

Fisher, a foreigner in Changsha, has been involved in sports since he was 6 years old and minored in Sports Training and Nutrition at the University of San Diego.

He is well versed in many different training methods and knows how to spot problems within someone's diet. Fisher offers between 6-12 week programs outlining a systematic training method to suite everyone's goals, along with a diet plan This is your first step to a healthier you. 

 All programs are custom fit to you and your schedule. 
 All programs are professionally done on Powerpoint with pictures to help you recognize gym machinery. 
 The Nutrition plans are also custom fit to you and your body type. 
 Body measurements, body fat, lean muscle mass will all be tracked during your program. 
 (Personal training is also available but is not included with the 6-12 week plans)

Contact Fisher via WeChat: Fisher22411. Phone: 187-111-44320. Email: