This spa resort sits at the North end of the Island, located about a 10 minute walk from the Orange Island (Juzizhou) subway station. 

There are numerous large scale gyms and fitness centres in Changsha, as well as swimming pools. However, there is a rather special place called the Orange Island Fitness and Recreation Spa (north end of the island... behind the temple complex).

The spa building (on the left side as you walk in) currently offers 169yuan for a full day of outdoor swimming pool use, hot pool spas (great for winter relaxation!) and an indoor gymnasium, sauna, steam room and plunge pool. You can also get a massage (extra fee) and dine - their specialty is fish. Nearby is an outdoor Brazillian barbecue restaurant.

As an idea, you could even enjoy the Orange Island weekly firework displays from the upper floors of the resort (except winter). There is a large outdoor swimming pool with nearby shop, with both a shallow end for children and deeper end (no diving allowed).

The spa offers excellent value for money if you relax their the whole day, enjoying various cardiovascular exercise machines, watching a private movie, swimming, slimming or just detoxing and relaxing in the hot springs which overlook the Xiangjiang river while sipping a glass of imported wine. It really is worth the trek to the Isle! As an extra, there is also a beach (volleyball) area as well as sun-loungers.