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You get 15%off every night at the Orange Island beer and music garden! Located on the North Side (in front of the main temple in the shopping complex) this outdoor light and sound spectacle is a great way to spend the warm evenings with a light breeze and affordable drinks! In fact, get 15%off any drink or purchase with the WNIC Changsha Card!

The garden typically starts from 8pm and runs until midnight. Beer towers (light and dark beer) and popular snacks, such as chips/fries and onion rings are easily bought. Seafood is also on offer.

Live music and weekend DJ party nights fill the island air in this relaxing, calm oasis of night time fun and socialising. Make a change, why not? Head to the island by subway or book a minibus off the island. For all information, confirmation of night transport and table bookings, call 18670717979!