From next year, asking for change from passengers, eating durian, taking pets with you, and begging will not be allowed on public buses in Changsha. Ben Wilkinson (WNIC) reports and translates.

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Original article by Changsha Evening News

2015-11-09 长沙晚报



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The newly revised 'Changsha city public bus passenger rules' will be formally enacted from January 1st of next year, these new rules have been drawn up as a result of some problems which people faced when taking the buses, for example eating strong smelling foods such as steamed buns or durian fruit, and taking pets, such as dogs or cats, onto the bus. Some rules have also been simplified, such as making it strictly forbidden for passengers to climb in and out of the windows to enter and exit the bus, and forbidding knitting whilst on the bus etc.

Here is a list of some things which will not be allowed from next year, and the benefits passengers will enjoy as a result.

On the morning of October 30th 2015 at Changsha Ying Wan Zhen bus stop, a woman bus driver by the name of Ren Sha, driving the 109 bus stopped to pick up a passenger. When a man with a dog tried to get on,  Ren Sha said that "dogs aren't allowed on the bus", however the man started making a scene. After getting the police involved, the man suddenly jumped from the window of the bus and ran away, leaving the dog behind.

The new "passenger rules" clearly state: "Passengers are not allowed to carry any animals, plants or items onboard which may cause a dangerous obstruction, affect passenger's health or comfort, or which may give off an unpleasant smell. (However, there is an exception for  items/animals that are necessary for work or care e.g guide dogs and police dogs.)


The Changsha public transport office's bus department's workers have expressed that they have encountered passengers carrying durian fruit, LuoSi fen (a type of strong smelling rice noodle) and other strong smelling foods onto buses. "I've also seen people taking pets such as cats, dogs, and even carrying a caged chicken onto the bus."

Because there is an increase in more modern, advanced buses with a more contained carriage environment being used on the roads in Changsha, transport workers all feel that they need to take into account passenger's comfort whilst traveling on the buses.

Mr Gong took the number 17 bus from the south bus station to the Central South University of Forestry and Technology, during this trip there were lots of passengers who got on the bus, including a middle-aged woman wearing work clothes who started using a microphone to advertise her store. She said that she was named Mrs. Liu and that she was a manager for the fourth branch of "Sunshine jewelry", she then went on to say that Sunshine jewelry had a counter on the first floor of the Wang Fu Jing department store. Later, a reporter went to the aforementioned area where there was supposedly a jewelry counter, however after walking around the department store's first floor there was no sign of this so called "Sunshine jewelry" counter.

The new "passenger rules" clearly state: passengers are prohibited from marketing, advertising, promoting or begging within the carriage.

An Internet poster named "forgotten password" posted a suggestion article on a message board entitled "Changsha buses' interesting scene", with photographs attached describing Changsha's Lǚ 1 bus' chaotic parasol incident where a few passengers had opened parasols on the bus in order to shade themselves. This lead to an open dialogue which lead to the public utilities department sticking a transfer on bus windows to shade passengers from the sun.

The new "passenger rules" clearly state:

Passengers must consider their own and other passengers' safety whilst onboard. It is strictly forbidden for passengers to carry flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, poisonous or radioactive items onboard. Passengers must take care to hold on to the provided supports and to not stick any body part out of the vehicle at any time.

Passengers must not  cause any disturbance which will affect other passengers, jump whilst the vehicle is in motion,  carry an open umbrella or parasol, open the vehicle doors without authorization, damage any of the onboard equipment, or carry out any other dangerous activity whilst onboard the vehicle.

On the morning of January 11th 2015, a male passenger boarded a bus, as he didn't have any change he paid his bus fare with a 5 note, after which he stood at the bus entrance acting as an ad-hoc conductor, taking other people's change in order to reimburse the amount which he overpaid by. However, the bus driver a Mr.Long Shi Bo disagreed with this practice, this lead to an argument between the two people wherein the male passenger verbally abused and insulted Mr. Long.

The new "passenger rules" clearly state: passengers onboard the bus must prepare their own change or use an IC card. Passengers must also take a ticket in accordance with the amount spent and keep the ticket on their person until they exit the vehicle in case of a vehicle inspection; the bus will not be responsible for giving passengers change, and every passenger on the bus must take a ticket.

When the Shenyang 328 bus was approaching the Wanghu Xincun bus stop, the bus suddenly lost control and crashed into the bus stop leaving one elderly passenger injured. It is suspected that the reason for the bus' loss of control was due to an intoxicated passenger grabbing the driver's steering wheel.

The new "passenger rules" clearly state: Passengers who are intoxicated, who have a clear mental disorder but no carer, who appear to have a highly contagious illness, or children not yet of adult age taking a child which is not yet of primary school age together with them are not allowed to board the vehicle.

Here are some other things which passengers will not be allowed to do:


Converse with the driver or prevent the driver from controlling the vehicle.


 Board the vehicle without a shirt


Lie on the seats onboard the vehicle in order to sleep


Stand on seats


Place items on an empty seat


How can we save money taking the bus?

In the new passenger rules, they have simplified the fining rules against "riding on the bus without a ticket, and misuse of tickets and IC cards", "bus fare exemption certificates and documents, and usage of special IC cards", "using a forged IC card" etc.  in the new passenger rules "If the passenger has not paid in accordance with the regulations, or has used forged certification as a means of riding the vehicle, then the bus driver and management can demand that the passenger recompense the bus fare, if the passenger refuses, the driver can decline to provide the transportation service for the passenger.

Workers have said, whereas before there were many different types of bus fare exemption certificates and documents, the public transport management have in recent times standardized them and brought them all under the same management area. Due to the increase in modern anti-forgery technology, forging documentation or certification has decreased, therefore these rules have been simplified.


The "new passenger rules" state

Children over and including the height of 1.2 meters ought to buy a bus ticket. Every passenger may take one child under the height of 1.2 meters for free, however if the number of children exceed one, then the other children must pay for a ticket; groups of children ought to all pay for a ticket onto the bus.

Passengers are allowed to carry any object which doesn't exceed 0.1 square meter (with a height of approximately 70cm, width of approximately 50cm, thickness of approximately 30cm) in size onto the bus free of charge, if the object exceeds this limit then the passenger must buy another bus ticket (baby buggies, wheelchairs, guide rods or other equipment for the young, old or disabled are exempt from this rule.)