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To advocate low carbon travel concept, around 100 young people took part in a green cycling event around the Orange Island in the capital city of Hunan province on May 10.

Young volunteers take part in the cycling activity in Orange Island, advocating low carbon travel, May 10. [Photo by Wang Zhiwei / Changsha Evening News]

Changsha's first three bicycle renting spots, in Xianjia New Village, Yuelu district, have started operation from April 19, 2015. And more than 150 bicycle stations have been built across the city, emplacing almost 4,000 bikes borrowed more than 330,000 times as of now.

The public bicycles' returning rate reached 99 percent, while only 90 bicycles were lost or damaged in last year. The city has also planned to set up 1,000 stations emplacing 20,000 bicycles within three to five years.