Changsha's 'top ten' places to visit in "Golden Week"

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For those who don't know, National Day, the annual celebration of the founding of the People's Republic, falls on 1st October and then following few days, or a week if you're lucky, are holidays. So, what to do if you don't or can't travel very far? has revealed their pick of the top ten best places to visit in the city! Below is a summary except that WNIC has added a twist... places to visit and an idea of what you could do there, to make it even more memorable!

1. Yuelu Mountain, have an evening party at the top at any of the many pagoda's or the lake. Be sure to take your cardigan. 

2. Orange Island: why not take a frisbee or buy a cheap kite and let rip from the head?

3. Lieshi Park: hire a boat or, temperature permitting, have a BBQ in the 'ethnic village' area, which has shelter and beer.

4. Window of the World theme park: located in the north of the city, there will be plenty of entertainment happening in here.

5. Xiaoyuan Park: take your camera and play photographer here... followed by a picnic!

6. Kaifu Temple, which will, no doubt, have drummers, dragon dancers and other street fun in the days after 1st October

7. See the famous Mawangdui 'mummy' at this small museum, kept in an air-tight container in a basement area you can visit

8. TaiPingJie: explore this touristy street and try some of the more hidden bars or the 'international cuisine' food court area!

9. Hunan Botanical Park: near South Bus Station, this park has great plumage, but also a zip line, golf course and BBQ zone!

10. Changsha Zoo: on the outskirts of the city (south) why not take a safari-style bus trip and see Changsha's pandas?!

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