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Below is a list of museums. WNIC hopes to provide more information about each of these once they have been verified.

Some of the following places may not be in Changsha.

Changsha Piano Museum (Orange Island)

A collection of pianos and history can be found at the Piano Buffet Museum on Orange Island. Fee payable. Subway: Juzizhou (walk south 5mins).


art / exhibitions

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 Hunan International Conference & Exhibition Center

This is now considered the city's foremost large scale exhibition centre, located in the north east.

Take buses No. 132, No. 901, No. 915, No. 136, No. 158, No. 501, No. 701, and No. 105 to Window of the World (世界之窗 shi jie zhi chuang), or Hunan Broadcasting System (广电中心 guang dian zhong xin, 357 meters away from the exhibition center) or Central South Automobile World (中南汽车世界 zhong nan qi che shi jie, 660 meters away from the exhibition center). You can also take subway (line 2) to Jintai Square (锦泰广场), and then take Bus No. 158 to Hunan Broadcasting System (广电中心 guang dian zhong xin).

Hong Xing Exhibition Centre



This large, modern building is a couple of bus stops before South Bus Station, on the very southern limits of the city and a few minutes walk from the enchanting Botanical Park. It is close to the junction of Xiangfu Middle Rd and Shaoshan South Avenue. Opposite the centre is a large warehouse 'area/neighbourhood' where goods can be bought in bulk and haggled for. Inside, on an upper floor, you will also find a laser tag arena. The exhibition centre never seems fully utilised and it's events are poorly promoted (compared to other city events). However, it does hold some interesting annual events, such as jobs fairs and education fairs for prospective local students. The area behind is a wealthy government-occupied residential area and, as such, some impressive nearby hotels have now sprung up.

Bus: 7, 140, 15, 102

Nearest subway: N/A

Directions: jump on any bus to South Bus Station ('Qhi Che Nan Zhan') and get off a few stops before. There's a large furniture store, Matallan, next to the centre. HongXing 'area' are the backstreets opposite the centre.