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Residents of Changsha in Hunan province will be able to swipe their mobile phones to take the subway soon, reported Changsha Evening News. 

The first batch of 1,000 volunteers experienced the smartphone subway card function on July 5 and the activity is planned to end on Sep 30. After that, Changsha Subway will formally spread the service to all residents. 

Miss Xu, one of the volunteers, entered the station just by swiping her phone at the Wuyi Square Station. “It is very convenient. All I have to do is taking out my smartphone and swipe,” she said. 

Subway cards are usually designed small, so many local residents have had the experience of leaving the card behind or losing it. By “inserting” the card into phones, the conditions will be greatly relieved and it will be more convenient. “This is my third subway card already. The other two were all missing with money on them. A phone would be more convenient and more reliable,” said a local resident in Changsha. 

As the core technology, the NFC (Near Field Communication) is still under testing and development. A new SIM card can add a subway pass function to mobile phones. People can also download an app named “Shankefeng” to check the account information of any card by phone. 

After the test is finished on Sep 30, all the subway stations in Changsha will provide the service. Users of China Mobile, Unicom and China Telecom will be able to start the service and recharge their cards at the service windows of the subway stations. 

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