High quality private dental care: the best service in Changsha

On 2014.12.01 Changsha's biggest online foreign community service, What's New in Changsha (WNIC) and the Mayo Dental Clinic in Changsha set up an agreement to join the ECARD bringing cheaper dental care to foreigners.

>>>the Mayo Dental Hospital of Changsha

Mayo offers cosmetic, orthodontic, implant and general dental treatment in a modern setting. As such, Mayo adheres to the following core principles of service: 

  • Safety
  • Science
  • Cleanness
  • Comfort

Mayo is represented in the following locations across China:

  • Shanghai
  • Hangzhou
  • Changzhou
  • Suzhou
  • Urumqi
  • Haikou 
  • Nanchang

Mayo has become a leader in the dental industry and actively promotes dentistry in Hunan.

Mayo Changsha has also established important international links with a number of overseas academic institutions to further boost it's developed service care model and equipment.

Mayo is open for cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening, teeth correction, dental implants, has a VIP member service, as well as has an overall high standard of dental and customer care that goes far beyond any other dental practice in Changsha. Mayo uses the model of, and equipment from, Sirona dental system of care.

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Why has WNIC chosen to team up with Mayo? 
What's New in Changsha frequently receives requests by members for a reliable, English-speaking dental clinic. Many foreigners have highly recommended Mayo. Hence, WNIC decided to approach Mayo with a view to formalising dental care and providing a special discount for holders of the WNIC CITY ECARD.
The Mayo clinic has four floors, including a children's play area, dental gallery exhibition and a hospital-standard operating room.
The dental rooms are quiet, private, feature full reclining chairs and dental surgeons are specially trained in English for dental purposes.


  • All treatment: 15%OFF

The Ecard cannot be use in conjunction with any other offer. Medicine and oral care products are not included in the offer.

Introducing the Sirona-CEREC tooth milling machine, unique to Mayo in Changsha. This 3D-CAD/CAM technology can design and produce tooth replacements on-site. Find out more about and other machines at Mayo here.

长沙市雨花区车站南路785号(人民路立交桥南/港岛旁). Changsha, 785 Chezhan Lu.
Just south of Renmin Lu / Chezhan Lu junction (south of the overpass). Not far from the Main Train Station area. Buses 142, 101, 131, 301, 130, 702 and 805. Mayo is a block East of a Pizza Hut/KFC/Joindoor.