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Original article by 湖南日报社新闻影像中心
Translated/edited by Ben W (WNIC News Correspondent)

At Wuyi Square, a shirtless man climbed onto a traffic light above road with the intention of jumping. There were firefighters, policemen and even an inflatable mattress at the scene, with the intention of preventing the man from jumping.

According to sources, this man was committed for thievery and had just been released after completing a sentence of one year and eight months. Coming from Liangshan,  Sichuan however, it meant that he was released far way from home and thus was threatening to jump if no one helped him to buy a ticket home. This man is also a known heroin addict and was diagnosed with HIV around six months ago.

The man climbed onto the lights at around 10am, at 11am the fire brigade came and deployed the inflatable mattress. By 12, the man was briefly talked down, however he climbed back up after about 10 minutes.

Due to the fact that this man is a known heroin addict, police suspected that he may have taken heroin or some other drug earlier on in the day, however this was denied when asked. When police specifically asked for why the man had climbed onto the traffic light, the man had originally said something about returning home, but when asked a bit later on, the man just responded with "For fun", or with a wry smile

One Mr. Lan took a broom and waved it at the potential jumper in the hope that it would scare him off of the traffic light, but to no avail. Next, Mr.Lan took a plastic pipe to try and agitate him. The man then jumped in the direction of Mr. Lan and the bridge railing, however he failed to get a good grasp and fell through a gap between the bridge and mattress, where unfortunately there was nothing to cushion his fall.

Upon hitting the concrete ground, the jumper suffered instant severe trauma to the head, resulting in a cerebral concussion.  An ambulance arrived within 10 minutes after the incident and took the man to the hospital. He is currently in a critical condition.

 Source: Hunanpic