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On the 12th October RedNet Changsha reported a tragic car accident at 4:50 that afternoon, over in Furong district Chezhan road north when a sports car and a sedan which was trying to U-turn collided and hit two pedestrians who were crossing the road. A woman died at the scene of the accident, and a man was injured severely, with damage across his whole body.

A woman was sent flying in this tragic accident.

At the scene, witness Mr. Guo said that a white Mclaren sports car driving north-bound up to the China mobile communications group Hunan ltd. company building gate, before crashing into the black Toyota in front. The Toyota's front bumper and badge were knocked off, the driver of the Mclaren then proceeded to pull the steering wheel to one side which lead to the car hitting two pedestrians.

"That sports car was driving too fast, the impact of the crash sent the woman flying." Said mr.Guo, who was standing less than five meters away at the time of the incident, when he heard the noise of the crash mr.Guo thought that an electric scooter had been knocked over, "The man forced himself to sit up, but the woman was just lying still on the floor with only her fingers making a slight movement." After the incident, the Mclaren's windshield had a basketball-sized hole in the right-hand corner with some hair still remaining on the glass.

Another witness who was at the scene during the incident said that during the time of the event, the sports car drove past the side of his car. "I just happened to be driving with my kid in the car when a sports car driving really fast drove past in front of me, next I just heard a loud noise." The witness stated.

By 6 o'clock, a live reporter arrived at the scene to see that there was a bumper and a broken black badge remaining on the floor,  there were two locks of hair near the shoulder of the road and a red high-heel shoe scattered onto the pavement. The reporter discovered that two pedestrians were hit by a car as they attempted to cross the road by crossing between the partition rail in the middle of the road, the two pedestrians were not crossing on a designated zebra crossing.

The other casualty, surnamed Kuang, was sent to Changsha number 8 hospital's resuscitation ward, room number 103, after initial diagnosis it has been discovered that he has fractured ribs, contusion and laceration in the right side of his waist, his right upper arm has multiple severe fractures, and other contusions.

According to mr.Kuang's friend, the two people were business partners, before the incident occurred they had just finished conducting business at the mobile company. "They were walking across the road and hadn't yet reached the pavement when they were hit, the woman was a really competent and hard worker who could deal with hardships"

By 7 o'clock that evening, the deceased's husband rushed to the hospital to confirm that the red high-heel belonged to the deceased before heading to the Traffic Police department in order to confirm the death, he was heartbroken beyond words.

According the the Traffic Police's report, the owner of the Mclaren's surname is Lu, driving with a temporary 'Xiang A' license plate crashed into a Toyota (owner's surname Hu) which lead to the death of one pedestrian and the injury of another. The Traffic Police are currently investigating the course of the accident.

After the car accident there was a high-heel shoe left at the scene, the location of the shoe was over five meters away from the scene of the collision.

After the accident, there was a hole left in the Mclaren's windshield.

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Article translated by Ben W for WNIC