WNIC is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Shanghai-based Yao Language! Now, you can learn mandarin on a professional level with small group classes or individually (with the time and location up to you). WNIC has won exclusive rights to run all Yao courses in Hunan and we consider this service a critical part of social and cultural integration for all foreigners. Get started, grab some friends and contact us today to begin your mandarin adventure into full and effective communication!

Yao language provides a range of courses for all levels, from 1-2-1 classes to teaching large-scale organisations and hotel chains. Whether you are a foreign teacher or student, or seeking to train your workforce, Yao Language is the most professional and experienced Chinese language educator.

Yao's classes are typically part of a short course and can be done in small or 1-2-1 classes. We recommend you get some friends together, ideally all on a similar language level, and start learning today! Alternatively, we can set up a class for you. 

About your course



  • There are 3 types of courses: 1-2-1, small groups and specialist advanced

  • For small group learning (min 3pax), better to get some friends together by yourself

  • For 1-2-1 (individual), there may be a transport fee if the location is far away

  • The mimimum course possible is 24hours (to be completed within 4 months)

  • Make sure you can attend the agreed class times to avoid missing out

  • Yao will try to find the most convenient and suitable location for classes

  • You will receive learning materials from the Yao Language instructor

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully to get the most our of your experience

  • Below you can see how many classes and hours per week must be completed for each course

Current prices:
Per 1-2-1 (individual) class: 190RMB per class
Per small group class: 1920RMB per person(24 class course)
Note: 3 hours per week (split into two classes, 8 times) - all classes completed within 4 months
See their course outline below and pick the one that suits you. From conversational to business Mandarin, from crash course to progressive HSK courses, Yao can offer them all, via WNIC. It's also worth noting that their Hunan prices are cheaper than those in Shanghai and many other cities. This was a key condition to WNIC partnership. 
Why not check out below their teaching methodology and general student interaction philosophy?
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Open here for a full breakdown of each course, duration and general description. Alternatively, request it to be emailed to you (wnic@qq.com)

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Please note that Yao Language is the course provider. WNIC is not therefore responsible for course quality, teaching content or general participation in any Yao Language activity or class.