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Original article by 湖南里手

Translated/edited by WNIC (Ben W, News Correspondent)

Hunan's first cross border free trade retail store situated in Changsha's Jinxia economic zone officially opened to customers this morning. This store boasts arange of over 30,000 products from Europe, America and Oceania, fulfilling Changsha citizen's "global retail" dream. At this store, customers are able to sample the products themselves first before ordering products online, the store will then deliver to the customer's door within 48 hours. The price of the products on offer from this store are as cheap as 30% of regular retail price.

Jinxia free trade store is made up of four floors; the "Jinxia store", the"European store", the " Korean store" and the"Australia and New Zealand store". The latter three stores have already opened for business, however the "Jianxia store" will open at a later date.

1. All the store's products can be bought from the Jinxia cross border free trade store's website. All customers need to do is register an account on the website, they can then select the items which they wish to buy, the items will then be dispatched within 24 hours.

2.Customers buying directly from the store must remember to bring their ID card,a union pay bank card and a mobile phone. The ID is for creating a membership card,  the phone is needed in order to complete the online registration. The tills don't accept cash but accept credit and bank cards, Alipay and Wechat payment.

3.The blue tagged items have already paid duty; they already have the purchase tax,or are free of tax international imported goods; these items can simply be paid for and taken by the customers. The orange tagged items are untaxed products which haven't yet had duty added.

5. The green tagged items are cross border, internationally imported goods, these items are duty free. The store doesn't keep these items in stock, and only has sample items which must be used by the customer to buy the product. Customers need to take a product information card to the till in order to order and pay for the product. They also need to provide ID as verification, a message will then be sent to customs which will clear the product before dispatching the product through a delivery company to the customer's home.

In order to ensure that customers have a smooth shopping experience when purchasing products through this store, remember that you must first registe ras a member on the stores website!

The second stage of the finance zone development will start in June next year, with a planned 3 warehouses, a public sorting center, 5 office headquarter buildings and more. There is also preparation being made for a Polish and Czech store.


How to get there:

Customers taking either the car or bus are all able to get to the store.


Jinxia free trade store is located in Jinxia free trade zone, north Xiangjiang road, Changsha city, opposite Changsha new port (Changsha xingang).

Taking the car there:

1:长沙开福区湘江北路369号(长沙港北面300米与开顺路交会处); Number 369 Xiangjiang north road, Kaifu district Changsha (North of Changshaport (Changsha gang) 300 meters, by The Kaishun road intersection);

2:长沙开福区芙蓉路北路与开顺路交会处左转,沿开顺路直行约500米。 Take s left at the North Furong road and Kaishun road intersection in Kaifu district, go along Kaishun road approx. 500 meters.

3:长沙绕城高速新港收费站下,上华宁路行至开顺路口左拐,向西直行至湘江北路即到。 Under the Changsha new port (Xin gang) highway toll booth, turn into Huaning road and drive to Kaishun road before taking a left, drive west straight to North Xiangjiang road.


1:218路湘江世纪城-江湾路口-北雅中学-周南中学-长沙港-湘江路响鼓岭路下(下车即到) Take the number 218 and get off at Xiangjianglu/Xianggulinglu (Xiangjiang road/Xiangguling road) 湘江路响鼓岭路

2:105路汽车西站-市政府-福元大桥东-开顺路口下(沿开顺路口向西至湘江路即到) Take the number 105 and get off at Kaishunlukou (Kaishun road) 开顺路口(head west down Kaishun road until you get to Xiangjiang road)