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By Dave Philipson

Each and every day, lots of new restaurants are opening in Changsha giving the people of the city an abundance of choices for places to go and eat. So what is it that makes Lazy Storm stand out from the crowd?

Lazy Storm is a place of caring, trust and also respect to those with disabilities. A place where the staff are motivated to give you excellent service, each and every day.

The founders of Lazy Storm were born into a family with disabilities. Their father has a physical impairment which prohibits full motor control of his left arm, whilst their mother has a hearing impairment and the best form of communication with her, is through the use of sign language. Because of this, they grew up knowing that the plight of disabled people in Chinese society is not easy.

From an early age, the concept of doing something meaningful for the disabled community in Changsha and Hunan was born. After many years of dedication, hard work and entrepreneurial experience within the catering industry, whilst combining both the strengths and weaknesses of the deaf and disabled people in their new team, they were able to fulfill those childhood dreams, and have now opened a new mode of fast food and take away restaurant.

The lazy storm team are a happy family. It is their mission to provide real jobs and work for people with disabilities in Changsha, and eventually across all of Hunan. They want to show that they toocan be valued members of society and to help raise peoples awareness of people with disabilities who also deserve respect, trust and recognition for theirwork. To repay society with a loving heart with their unremitting efforts.

The Lazy Storm team, after much experimentation and practice, have created a simple and yet also delicious menu, using only fresh ingredients daily which is also suitable to a healthy conscience diet.

Open and transparent kitchen, allows you to see that all is fresh and there are no frozen food products to be used.

A non-carbon electric indoor barbecue grill.

Healthy mixed fruit drinks, made fresh in store.

Beef Noodles

BBQ Beef and Fruit Skewers

Lazy Beef

Jindong Pie

Fresh Fruit Drinks

Finally, thank you for reading this, your support and love will encourage more disabled people to face life with confidence and help more people with disabilities to solve the employment problem, Lazy Storm would like to extend it’s gratitude all the way to you. Please forward this link for us, gently wiggling your fingers, give your love!

Address: Changsha Kaifu District W1010 Gold Street, Wanda Plaza shops. Telephone: (0731) 8415 0731.