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For now, we have posted the club's fixture list for 2014:


2014-03-16 Sunday 5 Chongqing lifan home VS Hunan Tao Chongqing Olympic Sports Center 15:30

2014-03-23 Sunday 13 Tao VS Tianjin Songjiang district, yiyang, Hunan Guangdong Olympic Sports Center 15:00

2014-03-30 Sunday 20 Tao VS Beijing Institute of yiyang, Hunan Guangdong Olympic Sports Center 15:00

2014-04-05 Saturday 30 base VS Hunan Tao in Shijiazhuang, Hebei 15:30 Yu Tong Stadium

2014-04-13 35 on Sunday, Central South University in Hunan Tao VS Qingdao 15:00 Sports Center

2014-04-19 Nr 47 Guangdong Sunray VS Hunan 15:30 Tao Guangzhou Huangpu Stadium

2014-04-27 Nr 50 in yiyang city, Hunan Tao VS Shenyang Olympic Sports Center 15:00

2014-05-03 Saturday 64 drow VS Hunan Tao of Wuhan Wuhan Xinhua Road stadium at 15:30

2014-05-10 Saturday, Snow Leopard VS Hunan Thao, 65 Xinjiang tianshan Xinjiang Sports Center 16:30

2014-05-18 Nr 80 Tao VS Beijing's eight Central South University, Hunan Sports Center 15:00

2014-05-24 Nr 82 Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang Yong Chang VS Hunan Tao Yu Tong 16:00 Stadium

B12 2014-06-01 Nr 95 Tao VS Chengdu Sports Center, Central South University, Hunan 16:00

2014-06-07 99 Qingdao hainiu VS Hunan on Saturday Qingdao guosen Tao Stadium 16:00

2014-06-15 Tao VS Shenzhen calves red, Central South University, Hunan Sports Center 16:00

2014-07-19 Nr 116 VS Yanbian Springs yangquan Tao new stadium in Yanji City, Hunan 15:30

2014-07-27 Tao VS Chongqing lifan home, Central South University, Hunan Sports Center 16:00

2014-08-02 Nr 133 VS Tianjin Songjiang Tao, Tianjin, Hunan College Park football pitch 19:30

B18 Nr 140 VS Hunan Tao of Beijing Institute of technology Beijing Institute of 2014-08-09 football 16:00

2014-08-17 Sunday 150 Tao VS Hebei base in Central South University, Hunan Sports Center 16:00

2014-08-23 VS Hunan Tao in Qingdao Qingdao Tiantai Stadium 19:30

2014-08-31 Nr 167 Tao VS Guangdong Sunray Central South University, Hunan Sports Center 16:00

2014-09-06 170 on Saturday Shenyang VS Hunan city, Tao in Shenyang Olympic Sports Center 15:00

23 2014-09-14 Nr 184 Tao drow VS Wuhan Sports Center, Central South University, Hunan 16:00

2014-09-21 Tao VS Xinjiang tianshan snow leopards in yiyang, Hunan Guangdong Olympic Sports Center 16:00

2014-09-27 Saturday 200 Beijing Bashi VS Tao Chaoyang Sports Center in Beijing, Hunan 15:30

B26 yongchang, Shijiazhuang 202 Hunan Tao VS 2014-10-05 Sunday 16:00 CSU Sports Center

2014-10-11 Saturday 215 tiancheng VS Tao Sports Center in dujiangyan, Hunan 15:30

B28 Nr 219 Tao VS Qingdao hainiu, Central South University, Hunan 2014-10-19 sports center 16:00

2014-10-25 Saturday 230 Dallas Red VS Hunan Tao in Shenzhen Shenzhen Stadium at 14:00

2014-11-01 Nr 236 Tao VS Yanbian Changbai mountain, Hunan yiyang Olympic Sports Center 14:00

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Current league standing: 6th/16 teams

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