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1、衡阳市 Hengyang


Duration:early October to mid-November

Activity:Initial Rural Eco-Tourism Festival & Baogai Gingko Cultural Festival

2、邵阳市 Shaoyang


Duration:May– October

Activities: Hunan(Nanshan) Double Sixth Folk Song Festival 2015 from May 15 to July 23;promotional event “running for Love in Romantic Langshan Mountain” from July 17to Oct. 17

3、岳阳市 Yueyang


Duration: earlyOctober

Activity: Yueyang (Dongting Lake) International Tourism Festival

4、常德市 Changde

8月-9月,常德市系列旅游主题活动(9月11日,“万达之夜”—白马湖国际音乐会;8月中旬—9月中旬,常德民俗文化美食节; 9月12日,中德龙舟友谊赛;9月27日,“湘音乡情·中秋嘉年华”国际赏月会)。

Duration: August –September

Activities: Baima Lake InternationalConcert on Sept. 11; Changde Folk Culture Gourmet Festival from mid-August tomid-September; China-Germany Friendly Dragon Boat Race on Sept. 12; Mid-autumnFestival Carnival on Sept. 27

5、张家界市 Zhangjiajie


Duration: October -November

Activities: ZhangjiajieInternational Aviation Tourism Festival 2015 from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2; The FourthWingsuit Flying Championship 2015 in October

6、益阳市 Yiyang


Duration: October

Activities: First“Ancient Townin Southern China” Cultural TourismFestival 2015 from Oct. 1 to 3; Dark Tea Culture Festival & Anhua Dark TeaExpo from Oct. 22 to 25

7、郴州市 Chenzhou


Duration: October

Activity: HunanChenzhou International Leisure Tourism and Culture Festival 2015in October (date to be fixed)

8、永州市 Yongzhou


Duration:September – November

Activities:(Ningyuan. Hunan) Emperor Shun Cultural Festival 2015 in September, (dateto be fixed); 2015 Panwang Festival of Yao Ethnic Group in Jianghua County ofYongzhou from Nov. 26 to 28

9、怀化市 Huaihua


Duration: August –October

Activities: "Ancient City,Ancient Townand Ancient Village" Cultural Tourism Festival;The China Huaihua (Zhongfang) Spine Grape Culture and Tourism Festival from Sept.8 to 20 tentatively; Hunan Rice · Hongjiang Eco-cultureTourism Festival from Sept. 26 to 27

10、湘西州 Xiangxi Tujia & MiaoAutonomous Prefecture


Duration: August –October

Activities: 2015Praying event on the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival in PushiTown, Luxi Countyfrom Aug. 25 to 26; 2015 Lvdong Mountain Original Eco-culture and Arts Festivalof Miao Ethnic Group on Oct. 21

11, Changde Tourism Festival

Opening Ceremony of the China HunanInternational Tourism Festival 2015 & Music Fireworks Show on Liuye Lake

Time: 20:00 - 21:20 on September 12, 2015

Venue: Liuye Lake Tourist Resort, Changde

The whole event consists of a 30-minutiewarm-up art performance, a 20-minute opening ceremony and a 25-minutie musicfireworks show. The art performance will present the folk legends, history andculture, and nowadays development of Changde City. The stunning fireworks showon Liuye Lake will impress you with unique charm of Changde in an all-aroundway.




内容:由金鹰传媒执行,拟由柯豆主持,拟邀请好弟、安俐娜、Black Sun、信乐团、德州乡村乐队和德国爵士乐队出演。

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