Big hotels

It is possible to get one's bearings of Changsha, like many cities, based on hotel locations.

The new, spanking Wanda Plaza overlooks the river, with it's LED-fronted displays. It straddles the artery of Changsha: Wuyi Avenue (which goes from the Main Train Station in the East, to the other side of the river in a straight line). Close to Wuyi Avenue and slightly north is the Sheraton Hotel which is near Deli-Burger and Lieshi Park. The Kempeski Hotel, a new complex with a large German beerkeller, is in the south of the city (Shaoshan NanLu, close to the stadium and Mega Sports bar). That's the furthest southern major hotel.

There are no hotels of significance on the West side of the river. The cheaper chains: Super 8 is located way south and is quite inconvenient for the centre of town. There are a good choice of well located Motel 168's though and the usual array of Holiday Inn's which, as you may know, can vary in quality significantly. The latter few chains can be extremely cheap!

Wyndham grand plaza

    • 106 Furong Middle Road, Changsha410005

Tel: +86 73 188688888


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One Changsha's grandest hotels located on the central Furong Lu avenue a short walk from Tianxin Ge temple and park and the main Walking Street area of Changsha. The riverside is a 15-20min walk. Big, grand, plush, expensive.


Bus: 150, 11, 143, 115

Nearest subway: Furong Square (10min walk)

Directions: on the junction of Furong Lu/Renmin Lu, a 5 minute walk from Tianxin Ge and Walking Street.

Sheraton Hotel

  • Yunda Int' Plaza, 478 Furong ZhongLu, Changsha, 410005

  • Tel: (86)(0731)84888888


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The Sheraton is a landmark for those who live in Changsha and is often used as a focal point for getting to several places North East of the city centre (such as Lieshi Park, 1st High School). It is also very close to Deli-Burger - arguably the best burger joint in the city. The Sheraton also serves great buffet and has live music and a good bar. Opposite the Sheraton is also the main Bank of China branch that you may have cause to exchange/transfer money at.

Bus: 150, 115

Nearest subway: Furong Square (10min walk)

Directions: Located on the main Furong Lu avenue, north of Furong Square, it's distinctive shard-like building make it easily identifiable.

The Kempinski Hotel

No.419, Shaoshan Middle Road, Yuhua District , 410007 Changsha

Tel: +86 (731) 8463 3333


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This brand new hotel is set close to DongTang South junction and is south of the city centre. It is not immediately close to any notable city attractions although it does boast a fine (albeit pricy) German brewery/pub at it's rear and is located close to a large Walmart and cinema complex. It is near Mega bar. Kempinski Map

Bus: 2, 803, 7

Nearest subway: N/A

Directions: it is located on Shaoshan Avenue close to a Walmart and a new housing area.

Longchamp Garden Hotel



The Longchamp Garden Hotel is a sparkling new hotel right next to the HongXing Exhibition Centre and a 5-10minute walk to South Bus Station. It is also very close to the Botanical Park and the 'Hong Xing district' (a warehouse/residential area opposite the exhibition centre in which goods can be bought and haggled for in bulk). There is also a laser tag arena inside the exhibition centre. The hotel is impressive although it is a far way from Changsha city centre. As Changsha expands south this hotel could become more prominent in it's strategic location, but for now is a good 30minute bus ride into the centre of Changsha and Main Train Station. 

Bus: 7, 140, 102, 15

Nearest subway: N/A

Directions: by jumping on any city bus that goes to South Bus Station, you will invariably pass the hotel which is a few stops before. Look out for a McDonalds and busy junction area although the hotel is pretty obvious.

Super 8

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Motel 168

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Changsha Int' Youth Hostel

This small hostels is located close to Lieshi Park although it is some way from the centre of town. There are plenty of buses but most of them will finish service around 10pm. Cick on the photo of the hostel to go to their website.

Zhongtian Furongguo Int ythHostel

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Changsha ShuYuan Int Hostel

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