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According to an announcement by the Hunan Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (C.I.Q), Hunan International Travel Health Care Center, otherwise known as the 'foreigner's hospital (where we have to go for our annual medical checks) will move to a new location in Changsha (Jing Kai district) from June 28th 2015.

It will move from the old location,  No. 161 Sha Zi Tang, to 2nd Section of Renmin East Road, 199. It is advised that you forward on this article to any Foreign Affairs Officers or administrators at your place of study or work and also bookmark it for future reference.

The move brings together the hospital and the Hunan C.I.Q (Hunan Entry Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau) will carry out business in a joint building. From 29th June, anyone needing this health check should go to the new address. 

Visitors to the hospital can now expect a long taxi ride, roughly half the distance from the centre of Changsha to the airport. It may therefore, be worthwhile asking if your organisation will also be reimbursing the taxi fare!

The main telephone number given on the website is: 0731-84721924. A link to their website is in the link below.



We have also supplied map references (click to enlarge) to help you find the new location. Best of luck!