For dining in Changsha, there will always be loyal fans as is the love of food by Changsharen, so those living in high-rise buildings in private kitchens are becoming a popular place to eat at. Here are some people selling their home-cooked cuisine to those who want to sample it:

(1) 外国大厨掌勺的私房菜:马里奥私厨. 地址:金霞小区八栋东4门5楼(在世纪金源购物中心的斜对面) A foreign chef: Mario's private kitchen. Address: Jin Xia District VIII Eastern 4-door 5/f (diagonally across from the Century Golden Resources Shopping Mall), Phone: 13548633753. Germany chef Mario Pepe opened up is kitchen. Visitors must schedule in advance to allow the chef the chance to prepare fresh ingredients. 

(2) 兴兴私房菜. 地址:东塘三重大厦10楼D座(平和堂旁) The Hing Hing Kitchen. Address: 10/f, Dong Tang triple d, (peace Church). Phone: 15111188795. The speciality here is the Bullfrog with free-range chicken, pig's feet and other characteristics.

(3) 可以看江景的私房菜:家宴私房菜. 地址:湘江世纪城豪庭苑1栋601 Riverview's kitchen: private kitchen. Address: Xiang Hao Ting Yuan century city, building 1, 601. Phone: 85604245. With its beautiful terrace, you can view the river. The chef and owner has a love for research and development and often introduces new dishes. Recommend: vinegar-steamed chicken, big beef, onion and pepper sea bass. 

(4) 台湾私房菜:云壹会所. 地址:韭菜园南路16号金烨融府B座19楼1906房 Taiwan Private Kitchens: One Club. Address: Leek road 16th Jinye RONGFU, 19/f, Block B, Room 1906. Phone: 85069229. A rare Taiwanese private kitchen. Taiwanese cuisine, all exquisite, with low calories but a great taste, from duck to double meat dishes. The place is nice and clean, balcony, also with window seats.

(5) 泰国风味私房菜:皇厨泰式私家馆. 地址:芙蓉中路二段98号明城国际中心1625 Thailand Flavor: Royal Thai kitchen and private museum, Address: Furong Middle Road Er Duan 98th Mingcheng International Center, 1625. Phone: 84125283. Thai and overseas Chinese chefs from Chiang Mai will prepare most of the raw materials, with spices imported from Thailand, rich dishes, as well as boiled herbs accompanied with Thai tea. Recommended dishes: grilled pork neck meat, Tom Yum soup, snacks and desserts and finally, some mango sticky rice.

(6) 无人收营的素食私房菜:妙如莲. 地址:黄兴北路上城金都南栋12楼1228号 Vegetarian Kitchen: The Wonderful Lotus. Address: Huang Hsing North Road, floor 12, building on 1228th, Jindu Road South. Phone: 89878572. No menus, no price, no charge they just wanted to retain a quiet place to gather with friends and any one else who wants to sample their dishes. Not for profit purposes, mainly vegetarian. The original article contains more private residences and full descriptions in Chinese. See it here.