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The following information is from a recent trending article (WNIC added the maps and extra info). WNIC takes no responsibility for the safety, accuracy and supporting information about it. But we would love to hear if anyone gets around to trying any of the routes out! Click on the maps below to enlarge.

Yuelu mountain as a national scenic area, adjoins Linxiang River. Behind you can explore more pathways. 

Location: Yuelu district, Changsha

Bus: 902, 913, 1, 152, tourism green line, 202, 132

Tickets: free

Heimifeng is not a very famous place but does have the region's largest and highest (590.5 m) state-level forest park. Here, you can enjoy the rural scenery on foot, take in the dams, beautiful terraces, Moose Lake, Dong Yang Temple and the grounds of the seven pagodas!


Location: Changsha county, near Wangcheng (Qiaoyi town)

Transportation: by car: → X058 → S102 North Furong road: North County shuttle station-direct heimifeng/qiaoyi town bus

Tickets: 28 yuan/person

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Lijiawan (黎家湾): “Church Hill" is the hometown of famous calligrapher Ouyang Xun, one of the early Tang dynasty figures. These hills, shaped like a beacon (later confirmed in the book 'Fame to Commemorate Ouyang Xun mountain'). A pleasant place to explore and take in some higher elevation pathways and tracks.


Location: North of Changsha city

Transportation: bus: 931 Road North bus station → → →, t-new town bus to Lijiawan.

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Daowushan range sits upon a range of mountains, with fertile land, abundant resources, scenic Yi Li, has a long history. Daowushan was called Pak Hok Shan ans is also known as Zhao Wangshan. The mountain is also known as a Buddhist holy land, there are ancient pine and the millennial temple,dating back more than 1100 years.


Location: six kilometers northern of Liuyang city

Transportation: driving: Changyong Highway→ Yong Liu Yong Highway → Liuyang Jiao XI Ling tunnel → epidemic prevention station gate road, Wu Shan

Price: 38 Yuan/person

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Shizhu Mountain area. This outstanding peak rock complex, with forested pathways that navigate through streams and waterfalls, is a hidden paradise in Hunan. The cliffs cut into the sky, the mountains are spectacular. This is back to nature.


Location: north of Liuyang

Tickets: 68 RMB/person

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In Dawei Mountain area is one of Hunan's most popular tourist and natural beauty areas, known as the "Green Pearl of the East". It features temples, lots of trails, temple ruins and fun rafting and drifting activity centres.


Location: Northeast of Liuyang city in Dawei Mountain National Forest Park

Transportation: by car: 31 Avenue, long Liu Expressway → → → Changyong Expressway (terminus)

Admission: 40 Yuan/person

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