HEATWAVE HITS CHANGSHA: Temperatures in excess of 40C!


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Across Hunan province the hottest day of the year so far has been recorded with temps exceeding 40C. One news agency took to the streets to register exact temperatures using equipment (pictured). There has been a slight windchill factor though: of a mere 1 degree! 40 is not uncommon in Changsha, one of the 'furnace cities' of central China, where the height of summer can reach temperatures of around 40C on a 'good' day. Readers are advised to exercise caution if outdoors or in a place without air conditioning. Drink plenty of water and wear a hat, if appropriate. Learn how to use your Chinese air conditioning remote control right here!

The extreme weather has also lead to various fatal incidences across Hunan. In one case, a car burst into flames on a highway, and in another, a 3 year old girl died of dehydration after being locked in a kindergarten-provided VIP car for some 9 hours. Police are investigating both cases. 

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