all about grace hsia, independent film maker and director...

Grace Hsia is a 22 year old Art & Design major student at Hunan University, independent filmmaker and a director. She filmed her first documentary last December titled "Foreigners In Changsha", which shared some insightful stories about foreigners about their life in Changsha.

In March 2014, she decided to film episode 2 which focuses on the life of a foreign artist who is a "bohemian" here in China. For some 17 years he has been living in a village in Hunan province absorbing a totally different lifestyle. After three months, Grace completed filming and entered a film festival in Paris, France.

Unexpectedly, the documentary, "A Bohemian in China" got nominated and was played in cinemas in Paris during the festival. Grace was informed that "Foreigners In Changsha II: A Bohemian In China" had won THE BEST AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD. Cheers Changsha!

夏梦怡 GRACE,22岁,湖南大学设计艺术学院学生,独立影像创作者,导演。去年十二月她拍摄了个人的第一部纪录片作品《外国人长沙》,以第一人称向观众讲述了她与外国友人的长沙情结和故事。今年三月开始拍摄这个纪录片系列的第二部,这次镜头对准了一位在中国“流浪”了17年的艺术家,他有独特的生活和方式和梦想,选择从长沙搬去了湖南省的一个村落里定居.三个月后夏梦怡完成了这部影片并投递到法国的巴黎青年短片电影节。随后这部影片入围电影节并在巴黎展映,上周GRACE收到组委会的消息:《隐居中国》在电影节展映中好评如潮,获得了最受欢迎影片奖。

An abandoned house situated at the foot of Yuelu Mountain in Changsha, there lived a 48-year old Swiss man, Mati. The squat was piled up with waste piles and cement-coated wreckage, so much so that even a thief wouldn't find this place of much interest.

But once you step into the house, you can find something really impressive. 200 square meters transformed into a sweet home and music studio. This genius foreign “rag collector” came to China in 1997 and so began his pursuit of music. In the past 17 years, he has travelled all around China and studied Chinese folk art and traditional culture. In April, 2014, he moved away from Changsha and settled in a village in the Tongdao Dong Autonomous County, living with exceptionally kind but simple locals, as well as 'left-behind' children.

This film follows the story of Mati in Changsha, Chongqing and Huaihua (Hunan) and his newly adopted, original and natural music. The uniqueness of Chinese folk art and life is shown through the traits and stories of the characters. In comparison, between urban and rural areas, the nature of our society, the sense and sensibility that surround us, are all clearly illustrated. At the same time, he has given us a chance to think about 'real life' and our dreams.