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Hunan TV reported the story of a foreign national, living in Changsha who had, according to other foreigners in the city, committed fraud by lying about her circumstances, including taking and 'losing' other foreigner's passports. Some reports suggest the 'borrowed' sums reach into several thousand RMB affecting some 30 foreigners in and around Changsha. She has also failed to repay borrowed money from Chinese citizens too.

A con-woman in Changsha?

According to an interview by the Hunan TV station, South African national "Nita" has allegedly borrowed money from a number of foreigners and even some Chinese locals over the past couple of years. According to the victims, the reasons she gives for needing the money are numerous, with stories ranging from having cancer, leukemia, able to buy cheap phones and promises of business investments. A large gathering of expats outside the police station, were she is awaiting trial, claim some 30 different people have been affected by her, with around 300,000RMB.

Ben, one of the victims, said "There are a few topics which she appears to always stick to. The most popular one which she likes to use is to tell her victim that she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and leukemia, after which she will ask for a sum of money to be used in order to help 'treat' her illnesses. She will mention that although she herself does in fact have lots of money, but unfortunately it is all in an account back in South Africa, and therefore inaccessible. She will then promise the lender to pay them back at the beginning of next month, once that time comes around she will explain to the lender that she is having trouble transferring the money, and that they will have to wait an extra week or so before recovering the money". Numerous excuses and stories are then cited as to why she is unable to pay the lender back, always stating that the money will be paid 'by tomorrow'.

A few other foreigners have also cited a 'phone scam'. Nita will tell her victim that she knows somebody who can purchase iPhones and general Apple products at a price much lower than retail price and that the victim just needs to put a down payment on their order and then pay the rest once the products are delivered. But of course, a few days later she will tell the victim that she is having difficulties with the order, and that she will be unable to receive the  'goods' which were ordered, and that also she will be unable to reimburse the victim for their initial payment made to her.

One foreigner has asserted that was conned into handing over her passport under the promise of a bargain-priced trip to Thailand and only needing to pay for her own tourist visa and plane ticket. It is claimed that Nita told this person that she just needed to give Nita her passport and 1000RMB. But, as with all of these instances, the trip never happened and the person concerned has not seen her passport nor her money since.

The trial is ongoing with an announcement of criminal liability expected soon.

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