Floods hit southern Hunan, 253,000 people affected


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Translated by WNIC (Ben Wilkinson)

Since 11th November, southern Hunan has experienced a bout of heavy downpours, as a result, one of the branches of the Xiangjiang river has experienced the worst winter flooding since records began in 1961. In many places, the water levels of the rivers have exceeded warning levels; Dao county, Jiangyong, Shuangpai, Jianghua amongst others have experienced inner city flooding, causing houses to collapse and leaving fields waterlogged. On the 16th, statistics from Hunan province's natural disaster reduction committee have revealed that since November 11th, the flooding has already affected around 253,000 people.

At present, aid-relief workers have been dispatched to the affected area, and aid in the form of blankets, food, tents and other supplies have been provided for the victims.

Photography: Provided by the Hunan daily news image centre

November 12th, the houses on Shaoji road in Dao county, Yongzhou have been immersed. The county experiencing heavy rain for successive days has resulted in the dry season's Xiaoshui river overflowing, flooding many of the city's low-lying areas.

November 12th, Yongzhou's Dao county, vehicles driving through the flooded Kougong street.

November 13th, Dao county, Dongzhou neighbourhood by the Xiangshui river has been surrounded by the flood, the county military's emergency unit have been helping to transport residents out of the affected area.

November 13th, Dao county, Dongzhou neighbourhood by the Xiangshui river has been surrounded by the flood, resident Lu Cai Hong is in labour, after receiving a distress signal, the county emergency unit sent out an assault boat to pick her up and take her to the county hospital.

November 14th, Zhuquan town in Jiahe county's Madi bridge collapsed resulting in three people sustaining severe injuries. The cause is most probably linked to the recent continuous heavy rain and flooding which lead to erosion of the riverbed. The bridge was 260 meters long and was built in the 1980s.

November 14th evening, a rarely seen winter flood passed through Hengyang. At approximately 20:00 on November 14th, the Hengyang station of the Xiangjiang river peaked at around 58 meters, surpassing the warning level by around 1.5 meters. The water levels of the Liuyanshui, and Leishui branches of the Xiangjiang river also completely surpassed their warning levels.


November 14th evening, Hengyang city, the heavy rain caused serious flooding in areas.

November 14th evening, Hengyang city, residents wade through the flooded areas.

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