Electric Underground:

The home of Changsha’s underground music scene


Electric Underground provides welcome relief from the monotonous club scene in Changsha. With around 2 events a month, attracting a solid fanbase of genuine music fans, expect to see a plethora or underground electronic music and live acts. Each event follows 5 founding principles that challenge the mainstream nightclubs of Changsha:

- Independent of bar and club owners
- A showcase for all genres of underground music
- Reasonably priced drinks of a reasonable quality
- A large dancefloor as the focus of the club
- Open to all; status, wealth and egos should be left at the door

The British event managers strive to provide a genuine western-style clubbing experience, one that exploded in the UK in the 90’s with rave culture, before commercial clubs appeared and exploited this culture for profit. EU’s success is reflected in their growing popularity in Changsha; in one year they have gone from packed, backstreet bars to the biggest live houses in Changsha, regularly pulling in crowds of over 300 party people.

The future is full of prospect for the guys; 2015 will see more events, international acts and trips to some of China’s biggest festivals.

Check out their sound at www.mixcloud.com/electricunderground/

Stay in touch with Electric Underground events at wnichangsha.com

See you on the dancefloor!

 Dayme O’mare - Independent event critic

Electric Underground是长沙唯一一个致力于打造年轻人专属的派对的团队。我们是一群想要推广建立真正的英式派对文化,自由、平等、友好,团体和青年文化的外国留学生。音乐是英国的心脏和灵魂,我们希望你能体验和我们相同的音乐文化。我们在长沙已有一年的派对经验,在英国更是有超过五年举办学生派对的经历 完全由国外组成的电音团队,我们有外籍DJ、外籍舞者, 就是带给你绝对的英式风格!

INDEPENDENT-独有品牌 我们是一个独立的音乐品牌,不属于任何一间酒吧,我们不追求庞大了利润,要的只是适合每一个人的音乐

UNDERGROUND MUSIC-非主流音乐 还在听已放腻的流行音乐了吗?受不了已经倒背如流的"流行国歌"了吗?来到这里别指望你会听到LADY GAGA或任何一再重复的流行音乐节奏,期待聆听我们不同的声音和节拍吧!

CHEAP DRINKS-每个人都消费得起的花费 我们不希望你花大把的钞票在廉价的劣质酒精之上,事实上,我们并不关心你们喝了些什么,我们只在乎你用最少的钱,在舞池里尽情跳舞!