A trending article, original here, show a picture guide to the stages that each 'dragon boat' goes through before race day in a Milou factory (Yueyang County, hometown of the Dragon Boat Racing phenomenon)

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Now 56 years old, Xu Guisheng is a Dragon Boat shipyard Manager, born in Miluo, also dubbed 'the Dragon family hometown'. He had always loved dragon boat races. He learnt about boat contruction at the youthful age of 19. After two years he went from apprentice to 'Palm Inks Division' (head master)

The factory usually has over 100 orders a year, and employs a team of some 20 workmen who, at busy times of the year, work around the clock to complete orders. This factory pioneered the use of fiber optics into their designs, as well as other materials, to create a faster, lighter and stronger boat. The Milou area, home of the tradition, has some ten other factories. They all hope to maintain the glorious boat racing tradition.