Advice on tackling Coronavirus (Covid-19) from expats who survived it in china

As we have been frequently getting advice and info about the Coronavirus in China and how expats and Chinese have overcome and managed to survive it, we thought it would be pretty handy to upload some of their videos and general advice for the rest of the world now experiencing it.

We hope you find this helpful. Feel free to comment and share for the good of everyone to stay safe and sound. Thanks (from the WNIC team).

Video blog by an expat family living in Changsha

I decided to make a few short videos documenting the various things we have had to do to not catch Covid-19 and bring it home to the family. We live in China so our advice might help others around the world, now experiencing it, on how best to keep the virus out of the home! Good luck and stay safe. PS. Forgive the mess! House was a mess as we had been sorting out junk... haha. Check out for more info.

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