Consular Warden: Craig Johnson 

Area: Hunan, Changsha 

Wechat: craigjohnson 

Craig has been in Hunan since 2009. He works as a study abroad conselor in downtown Changsha. Wardens assist consular sections in disaster preparedness by alerting U.S. citizens to emergency situations, passing on information from the Consulate to citizens and notifying the Embassy of problems facing U.S. citizens in Hunan. Wardens in Hunan are currently overseen by the U.S. Consulate General in Wuhan and the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. You can find their site here: 

To contact Craig, add his WeChat at 'craigjohnson'. In an emergency, contact the Embassy directly by calling 027-8555 7791. 


UK Consular Warden: Damion Braithwaite

Area: Hunan, Changsha

Email: (please mark the email for the attention of Mr Braithwaite)

Damion has been the British Consular Warden for several years and has assisted many British Nationals in various situations. The role of a British Consular Warden is to raise any issues or civil concerns on a local level with the Guangzhou Consulate General, to act as a bridge between the Consulate, pass on any questions or comments British Nationals may have and to assist and take a lead on crisis management with regard to getting British Nationals (and their immediate family members) to safety. The Consular Warden is a voluntary and non-diplomatic role and supports the services offered by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Consular Wardens do not make decisions on any matters involving British Nationals and have no connection to visa applications. Information leaflets about several key Consular services can be found at the Red Lion Pub Changsha. Damion can be contacted at

Red Lion Pub (usually open daily from 7:30pm) is located at 89 Huangxing Road North, Kaifu, Changsha (Behind Woll Up skateboard shop and park). 湖南省长沙市黄兴北路89号上城金都国际公馆116号门面 (nearest subway: Peiyuanqiao (L1). Alternatively, if you have any questions try the Consular website:

If you need urgent help (for example, you’ve been attacked, arrested or someone has died), call +86 (0) 20 8314 3000. If you’re in the UK and worried about a British national in China, call 020 7008 1500.

British Consulate-General Guangzhou 22/F Guangzhou International Finance Centre, 5 Zhujiang Road West, Zhujiang New Town 510623 Guangzhou China


Telephone (General Enquiries only) +86 (0) 20 8314 3000.


Consular Warden: Martin Haase 

Area: Hunan, Changsha 

Email: (please mark the email for the attention of Mr Haase) 

My name is Martin Haase and I have been the Canadian Warden of Hunan Province since 2008. A warden is a volunteer position and by law all actions undertook are done as an individual and not as any type of representative of the government. I am a contact person for the government in the case that there is an emergency. In that scenario I would be forwarded a list of registered Canadian's in Hunan and I would work in coordination with the Canadian embassy to contact all known Canadians acting as a conduit for communication. As a long term resident I may be asked to assist in coordinating an evacuation plan in the extreme situation that should need be. The position of warden entails recommending other Canadian citizens to register with the Canadian embassy so as to receive notifications from the government in the case of an emergency and let Canadian's residing in Hunan be aware that for all consular services they are to seek assistance from the Canadian consulate general in Guangzhou. As well should there be a danger to Canadians living here I would bring this to the attention of the Canadian embassy. 

All that being said I am very approachable, enjoy making new friends, and as a long term resident I am happy to answer questions other people may have about living here. My advice is for everyone to understand the laws especially how they pertain to us! 

Are you an official Consular rep for your country or want your country to be listed if fellow expats need help? Let us know! We want to expand this list as much as possible.

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