Changsha: top 10 spots BY WNIC

Below is a list of the best tourist and chill out spots in Changsha! Further information can be found in the following sections. If you want to suggest a new place (or edit an existing place), email us!

Hike to the top of this mountain,check out the city views and watch the weekly fireworks

Visit the temple, enjoy a music concert or walk to the huge Mao statue at the tip

Go shopping, enjoy street statues, try local snacks and delicacies or go clubbing at night

Visit small but quaint TianXin Ge then enjoy a large glass of green tea in the area below

Have some boating and fairground fun, go for a DIYbarbecue or visit the Hunan Musuem

Buy a souvenir, some craft gifts or justgrab a beer at centrally-located Peace Street

By day enjoy the entertainers and views and at night enjoy the summer firework shows

Walk around the modern stadium, take in the square's fun seekers and ride the big wheel

Relax at Changsha's main Buddhist temple and stroll to the nearby riverside for views

Enjoy 'Hunanese opera' and local cuisine at the largest Chinese restaurant in the world!

There are more things to visit and do in Changsha but the locals save their energy for the night time. Enjoy Changsha's night buzz at several outdoor dance areas, it's numerous theatres, grab a beer on cobbled-street HuaLongChi or take in the noise and excitement of famous JieFangXilu right in the centre of town! Changsha was recently added to China's top ten city's for great night life. Enjoy!


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