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Updated on 2015.01.05

Time: 8pm-10pm

Address: Reading Garden cafe on Wuyi Road 阅读花园五一店((五一大道新华大厦五楼,大成酒店隔壁)

Topic for beginners: make a call 打电话

You will learn how to make a call in Chinese and some useful phone service.

Topic for intermediate: how to order food in Changsha 怎样在长沙点餐

Topic for advanced: 大学毕业之后还是继续啃老,无法经济独立,这是正常的吗?为什么会出现啃老族?

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Chinese Corner 

30th Dec

For beginners: cyberculture 网络文化  

You will learn some interesting Chinese expressions which will definately impress your Chinese friends when you use them.                                                                      

For intermediate:go travelling 欢乐出游                              

Ask directions问路时的常用对话                                            

Share travelling experience分享旅游经历                  

For advanced: 非正常会谈                                                    



Please send your name+Chinese level  to wechat 50995099 if you want to join us.

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Tuesdays for regular chinese corner

Update of 2014.11.10

The Chinese Corner held on Thursday will revert back to Tuesday, next one is 11th November 2014.


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Update of 2014.11.02

Time : Thursday, November 6, 8-10pm

Address: Reading Garden 五一大道826号广发银行五楼,新世界对面 5th floor of CGB building, across from Xinshijie shopping mall, Wuyi road.

Organizer: Cici  wechat:50995099  email:50995099@qq.com

Reservation is required. You can send message or email Name+ Chinese corner + Level to Cici to make reservation. Participants can learn a range of things, from popular songs to word games and expressions! 

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CC English Salon & Chinese Corner

Chinese corner:

1.Would you like to use Chinese to learn more about the people you meet? This Chinese corner will show you how to ask a person’s occupation and nationality, as well as how to introduce your friends and family to others.

2.Greet others and express your needs in Chinese.

The topic for Friday's English Corner is Free time & Hobbies.

1.How do you like to spend your free time? 
2.Tell me about some good places to hang out. 
3.Are there any activities that you used to do but don't do anymore? Why did you stop? 
4.Do you have a hobby? 
5.Are there any hobbies you can do in other countries, but not your own? 

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Hi guys. Finally we are doing Chinese Corner on Tuesday! I've invited Christina Zhang to give our international friends a free class. The following is her self-introduction.
" Hello.This is Christina. I graduated from Nanjing Normal University and got a master degree in TCSL(Teaching Chinese as A Second Language) I have already spent a year of teaching Chinese in Cambodia, which was an amazing experience for me. Also I have taught Chinese as a part-time teacher in Hohai University in Nanjing, teaching adults from Iran, Paskistan,Cuba and Portland."
The Chinese Corner will start at 8pm at Bodhi hill cafe. Free entry. Need reservation so that we can prepare handouts for you. Christina will teach something about greetings and Pinyin. We also have mafia game played in English if you are interested.
For further information and reservation please contact me on weixin/wechat 50995099. I can send you the map and the picture of the location of Bodhi Hill cafe by wechat.

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2nd & 5th September events:

Mafia game on Tuesday at 8pm

The game of Mafia is to practice analyzing ability, eloquence, expression, acting and also leadership, and it’s about convincing others, about being able to lie believably, and about being able to figure out if other people are lying. 


Join us. Practice English and make friends! 

Topic for Friday's English Corner: Party

1) What images spring to mind when you hear the word’ party’? 
2) Do you like to party? Do you party hard? 
3) What makes a good party good, for you? 
4) How many parties have you thrown? 
5) What was the worst party you’ve ever been to? 
6) What’s the best birthday party you’ve ever had? 
7) Have you ever been to a fancy dress / costume party? 
8) Have you ever been to a party where lots of things went wrong? 
9) What do you think of children’s birthday parties? 
10) Are parties better in people’s houses or in party halls and hotels etc?

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•Entry fee: 30 (a drink included)

•Bodhi Hill is on the fourth floor of a building between Hunan Normal University and Yuelu Mountain, across from the ABC Bank.

•Take a bus or a taxi to Bodhi Hill. Or, if you're a student at Hunan Normal or Hunan University, you can walk. If you get lost you can call either me, Cici18900775708, or the staff at Bodhi Hill 88888920.

•入场费:30 (包括一杯饮品)



The content below is being added to all the time. Please check back for regular updates and event details.

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About Cici English Salon

CC English salon is a place to practice English and make friends from all over the world.

We have Mafia game on Tuesday evenings and social gathering on Friday evenings. CC English Salon has had over 10000 participants since 2012. There are professors, students, lawyers, doctors and people from different field.

Many people have showed Cici their gratitude and appreciation. They thank Cici’s effort for organizing activities which help them enrich their life and bring them amazing things. Some of them have made good friends with each other. Some got job opportunity there. Some met their true love and got married.

All of our events will be announced on wechat: ccsalon or Douban

•Name  姓名: •Cici

•Occupation  职业: 

•English teacher英语老师

• Tel  电话:•18900775708

•Wechat  微信:50995099

History of Cici English Salon

The former name of CC English Salon was Coffey English Salon. It started in 2002, the first English salon in Hunan province. The first location was Yinhua Hotel. In 2008 it moved to Xiangjiang Hotel and in that same year it moved again to the luxurious Crowne Plaza. In 2010 Coffey English Salon moved across the river to Mango Hotel and in the second half of the year moved to Bodhi Hill Coffee Shop and changed its name as CC English Salon.

Photo gallery of past events