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Article produced by 长沙警事/ Translated and edited by WNIC staff

According to the Changsha security bureau's department of population and exit and entry management detachment, from December 28th, the offices located on the south-west side on the intersection of Xiangzhang road and Guitang road in Yuhua district will officially start operating as the offices in charge of handling matters regarding exit and entry, ID cards and residence registration. The old location will no longer be in charge of handling these matters.

According to management at the exit and entry administration bureau, in order to improve the reception office's service, improve the level of window management services and build a much better environment for handling these affairs, from 28th December 2015, the original station responsible for handling entry and exit affairs (number 2, Fenglinyi road, Yingwan Zhen, Yuelu district) and the station responsible for dealing with household registration and ID card services (number 140, West Jiefang road, Changsha) won't be responsible for new applications regarding these matters anymore. Also, any of the population and exit and entry offices in any of the districts and counties or in the city are all able to handle matters regarding entry and exit, and the station where residents are registered are able to manage household registry and ID card affairs.

Changsha's police force have notified the public, that due to insufficient parking spaces at the new location's car park, it is recommended that people take public transport when coming to the station, bus numbers 63,68,159,167,802 and 805 all stop at the Outangpo (藕塘坡站) bus stop on Xiangzhang road. After getting off the bus, walk to the south-westside of the intersection between Xiangzhang road and Guitang road, the station is approximately 300 meters up ahead. Customers can also take the bus number 124 to the Guitanglukou (圭塘路口站) stop on Mulian road, walk southwards approximately200 meters to reach the station.