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Visitors line up to enter the Changsha Museum in Changsha, capital of central China's Hunan Province, Dec. 28, 2015. The Changsha Museum opened on Monday 28th December.

A batch of rare Chinese cultural relics retrieved from abroad has been put at Changsha Museum for exhibition, starting from Dec 28. The 82 relics provided by Poly Art Museum, Beijing have been installed in the showcases and will be on display for free public viewing until April 20 next year.

As New Year approaches, art lovers will have feast to their eyes the Chinese treasures once scattered overseas including four of the 12 animal head sculptures of the Old Summer Palace, bronze antiques from Shang to Han dynasty and Qingzhou stone bodhisattva statues from the Southern and Northern Dynasties.

The four animal heads, of monkey, tiger, ox and pig from the Old Summer Place have been installed in the showcase. [Photo by Shi Zhenzhuan / Changsha Evening News]

The You (a ritual wine vessel) with Divine Face is the most fascinating among the relics exhibited this time. With an unusual shape and decoration, it represents the exquisite craftsmanship of Western Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century – 771 BC). The You was looted from the Old Summer Palace in 1860 and with the help of foreign donors, returned to China in 1999. In recent years, China has been stepping up efforts to retrieve such national treasures from across the world.

Changsha is known as the bronze cultural center in southern China. A lot of amazing bronze antiques have been discovered here including the Square Zun Vessel with Four Rams, Rectangular Ding with Human Face and Min Fang Lei (An ancient Chinese bronze ware).

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