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China's first mid-low speed maglev express line will be starting service from the 6th May 2016.

Today, Hunan maglev transport development limited announced that Changsha's maglev express line will be open for normal service to the general public from the 6th May 2016.

This means that in just under a week, we can take the maglev train to shuttle between the high speed station and the airport.

Changsha's maglev express line will be the first one fully developed and produced within the country, and will be the first mid-low speed maglev in China and will act as an experimental line, the mid-low speed maglev track is also the longest one of its kind in the world, and has been operational for test runs since 26th December 2015.

The entirety of Changsha's maglev trackvis 18.5km long. Starting from the high speed rail station in the west, and from Huanghua airport in the east, with the entire track is suspended above ground level. The entire journey is comprised of three stations; the maglev Changsha high speed train station, Langli station and the maglev airport station, each of these stations are full-purpose comprehensive stations which allow for all-round maintenance and service of the maglev trains and their customers. Today, children from 10 different primary schools around the province have the fortune of riding the maglev.


The high speed train maglev station (transfers line 2 and 4 of the metro are available from here).

This is the start of the express line, situated in the northern section of the eastern part of the South train station, by the Shanghai-Kunming railway line. The station is a two-storied above ground station, with the second floor being the train platform, the platform is one-way entry with the maglev track to one side of the platform; travelers can check in themselves and their luggage at the station and then go straight to ticket inspection and onto the train.


Langli maglev station

Langli maglev station is situated at the north of Changsha county's Huangxing avenue and Laodong road's intersection, in the western part of Huangxing avenue, going along Huangxing avenue in a South-North direction. The station has two stories, the station is on the second floor and the ticket station/ waiting room is on the first floor. The station has a two-way rail system.


Huanghua airport maglev station

The airport is the last station on the maglev track. Situated between Terminals 1 and 2, in the international building's western-side car park. Passengers go into the second floor of the airport and into the departures lounge when leaving the maglev.

Changsha's maglev has been named "wind-chaser" with a top speed of 100kmh, and an average speed of around 65kmh. That's faster than the Changsha metro line 2's trains, each maglev is made up of three carriages, able to carry a maximum of 363 passengers in one train.


More importantly


The whole train has free 4G wifi.

 The Facts

Once the maglev official starts operation...


Tickets: 20Yuan (full fare)

Every train will go at a speed of 60kmh,

Trains will be able to reach a top speed of 80kmh,

There will be a new train setting off in each direction every 10 minutes.,

The trains will be able to finish one journey in around 20mins,

 This is around 40 minutes quicker than taking the airport shuttle bus.

And around 20 minutes quicker than taking a taxi.

 For now, it will only run 9am - 6pm until further notice


Passengers arriving at Changsha high speed train station from the Beijing and Guangzhou rail lines can directly transfer onto the maglev, there is a distance of around 300 meters from the high speed train exit to the maglev station entrance.

Passengers transferring from lines 2 and 4 can directly take an escalator in the direction of the east square in order to reach the maglev station, the distance is around 300 meters.

Passengers coming from the Shanghai-Kunming railway line can directly enter the maglev station from the east square, the distance for this transfer is under 100 meters.

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