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On June 16th in Yuelu district, a Land Rover plummeted some 10meters from an outer, upper floor parking area onto the street below, maraculously causing non life-threatening injuries to it's occupants and a nearby pedestrian thanks to a tree which cushioned the impact. The driver didn't notice signs indicating the edge and continued to drive off the ledge onto the pavement below close to the Grand Jersey City Community complex. The incident happened around 9pm.

Locals eating nearby recall seeing a car hurtling towards the ground with a loud crash. There were five people in the immediate vicinity. Despite a bloodied face, the woman driver climbed out of the wreckage after the car had landed, upside down, from the fall. People rushed to help the man sitting in the back seat. The incident happened on Yuehua Road near to the Qin Emperor restaurant. The parking area above had a stainless steel fence to prevent vehicles from going over the top. It was later reported that the driver thought the way forward was a turn or ramp down, rather than a sheer drop. She failed to notice the signs which would have avoided the event. Police are still investigating to determine if the driver had consumed any alcohol.

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