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Source: 策长沙

Translated / Edited by WNIC (Ben Wilkinson)

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Changsha city's department of transportation has announced a third round of bus route and service adjustments: opening up 15 new bus services, dividing 3 service routes up, making the 17 bus routes more convenient and adding in new stop's over a total space of 26 kilometres, taking into account complaints made by customers about long waiting times and insufficient bus capacity. 11 services have increased the amount of buses on shift. 

Also, in the interest of standardization, they have changed the name of 8 bus services, these newchanges affect a total of 46 different bus services.

These new changes were publicly posted on the department''s website for 7 days, allowing for people to give feedback and voice their opinions about the new adjustments. The department then readjusted the new plans in accordance with the feedback which they received, before finally releasing the final adjustment plans. The final plans will be publicly announced through media services.

The specific details of the new changes are listed below:


15 new bus services!

Xingsha - Yuelu Jianshan service

Setting off from Wangxian road's CNG petrol station, passing Wangxian road, (Left turn) Dongqi road, (Right turn) Kaiyuan road, Fuyuan road, (Right turn), Furong road, (Left turn), Shengshi road, crossing Fuyuan road bridge, (Left turn) Yinshan road, (right turn) Chazishan road, (Left turn) Yuehua road, (right turn), Shejuan road, (right turn), Leifengavenue, (left turn), Jianshan road, arriving at its terminal station Yongananzhi Xiaoqu. Round trip operation. Covering 27Km.

Huxiang Zhiyejishu Xueyan (Huxiang vocational college) - Meixi Hu (Meixi lake)

Setting off from Huxiang vocational college, passing Huangqiao avenue, (left turn) WestFenglin road, (right turn) Shangyue road, (left turn) Taxue road, (left turn) Yingri road, (right turn) Kanyun road, (right turn), Meixihu road, arriving at its final destination the Meixihu line 2 subway station.  Round trip operation. Covering 11Km.

Changsha Yixueyuan (Changsha medical college) - Qiche Beizhan (The north bus station)

Setting off from Changsha medical college, passing Purui avenue, (right turn) North Jinxing road, (left turn) Yinshan road, (Left turn) Fuyuan road bridge, (Leftturn) North Furong road, arriving at its final destination the North bus station. Round trip operation. Covering 12.5 Km.

Sifangping- Hebiyuan

Setting off from under the Dongerhuan Sifangping bridge overpass (the second east ring road, Sifangping overpass), (left turn) the Sanyi avenue side of Yinpengling bridge,  (right turn) Yinshan road, (left turn) the Shejuan road and Lujing road, (right turn) West Xianjiahu road, (right turn) Ruilong road, (left turn) Wenxuan road, (left turn) Lusong road, (right turn) Fenglinsan road, (right turn) Dongfanghong road, (left turn) Guyuan road, (leftturn) Jiayun road, arriving at its terminal station Hebiyuan. Round trip operation. Covering 22 Km.

Zhonghualingcun - Sanyiavenue Liuyang river bridge

Setting off from zhonghualingcun (Runhezijun), passing Purui avenue, (right turn) North Jingxing road, (left turn) Yinshanroad, (left turn) Gushan road, crossing Fuyuan road bridge, (right turn) Furongroad, (left turn) Fuyuan road, (right turn) east second ring road auxiliary road, (left turn) Hongshan road, (right turn) Binhe road reaching its terminal station under Liuyanghe bridge. Round trip operation. Covering 17.6 Km.

Shengguoshuiju (Provinicial tax bureau) - Houjiatang

Setting off from the provincial tax bureau, passing through Huanbao road, (left turn) Wanjiali road, (left turn) East Xiangfu road, (right turn) Shaoshan road, (left turn) Laodong road, arriving at its terminal station Houjiatang. Round trip operation. Covering 18Km.

Jinxiakaifaqu (Jinxia economic area) night bus


Starting from Qingzhuhu international exhibition center, passing Qingzhuhu road, (right turn) Central Qing road, (right turn) Changqing road, Cinglian rod, Furong road, Shengshi road, North Xiangjiang road, Xiufeng road, North Furong road, Qingzhuhu road, Qingzhuhu international exhibition center. One way service. Covering 28Km,  service time: 20:00-24:00.

Window of the world-Yanghu marshland park (Yanghushidi Gongyuan)

Setting off from window of the world, passing Sanyiavenue, Dongfeng road, Yingpan road, Central Xiangjiang road, Xiangfu road bridge, arriving at Yanghu park. Round trip operation. Covering 23.5Km.

520 bus line

Setting off from Hunqing park, passing Liuyanghe road, Wanbao avenue, Dongfeng road, Tiyuguan rod, Furong road, Qifeng road, arriving at Binjiang cultural park. One way service. Covering 14Km.

Meixi lake- Sanchaji

Setting off from Meixi lake, passing Mufeng road, Kanyun road, Yingri road, Yuejing road, Xianjiahu road, South Gufeng road, Yinshuang road, Yinshan road, Hanguang road, North Xiaoxiang road, Gushan road, Binjiang Jingguandao (scenic area), arriving at Sanchaji. Round trip operation. Covering 18Km.

Tianxin District Chanyeyuan- Guangdian Chanyeyuan

Setting off from Tianxin district Chanyeyuan, passing Yiyi road, Shuyuan road, Heishi road, Shidaiyangguang avenue, Wanjialiroad, Xiangfu road, arriving at Guangdian Chanyeyuan. Round trip operation. Oneway service. Covering 18Km.

Gaoling Shangmaocheng-Nongkeyuan

Setting off from Gaoling Shangmaocheng, passing Xinglian road, Shuanghe road, Chezhan road, Liuyanghe avenue, Guhan road, Jiayuroad, crossing Liuyanghe bridge, Gaojia po road, Changxing road, Yuanda road, arriving at Nongkeyuan. Round trip operation. Covering 26Km.

Gaoling Shangmaocheng-West bus station

From Gaoling Shangmaocheng, passing Jingxinglian road, Notth Furong road, Shengshiroad, GuofuYuan road bridge, Guansha road, Dujuan road, Lujing road, arriving at the west bus station. Round trip operation. Covering 20.5Km.

Nanhu - Wuguangnan

Setting off from Nanhu, passing Shuyuan road, Mulianroad, Tiyuan road, Xianghu road, Huahou road, arriving at Wuguang. Round trip operation. Covering 15.5km.

Meixi lake- martyr's park south gate

Setting off from Zhounan Meixilake school, Meixihu road, Jieqing road, South Jinxingroad, xianjiahu and Yingpan road's adjoining tunnel, Yingpan road, arriving at Martyr's park south gate. There's no stop at Martyr's park going in the other direction. Round trip service. Covering 13Km.

The transport department has broken up three routes which were believed to be too long.

Alterations to the 501

As the 501 route was originally 40.7Km, and the total amount of time took to cover the route in one direction was 2 and a half hours, it affected the efficiency of the bus service and drivers. As a result, the 501 has been broken up into two separate routes.


Route1: Dong Sheng road - Huaxia service


 Roundtrip operation. Covering 24Km in one direction.


Route2; Wangxin Qiaocun - Zhongtieyuan


Roundtrip operation. Covering 22.3Km in one direction.

 Alterations to the 202



As the 202 route was too long, with too many winding roads, the 202 will be split into two.


Routeone: Wangjiawan - Huoju road bridge


Round trip operation. Covering 20km in onedirection.


Routetwo: Wangjiawan- Train station


Roundtrip operation. Covering 15km one way.

Alterations to the 905

In order to solve the problem of passing through too many winding roads on this route, and making the route more convenient for the Central South, Normal and Hunan university teachers and students, the 905 route will be split into two.


Routeone: Wangjiawan- East bus station


Roundtrip service. Covering 19.5Km in one direction.


Routetwo: Wangjiawan - Train station


 Round trip operation.18Km.

 Changes to 17 bus routes

There are also extensions and other minor changes to 17 other bus routes