Mission Statement:

What's New in Changsha will promote all major events and selected news through it's website and other online channels with a view to keeping foreigners and any interested Chinese informed of local and regional events. WNIC aims to improve the quality of life and recreational enjoyment foreigners have while they live, or visit, Changsha and Hunan while building an expat-focused community of networks. WNIC reserves the right to promote events without interference. WNIC is not a political, religious or socially motivated entity. It is mainly an info service.
Feel free to download our General Terms of Cooperation which outlines our remit and any limitations.

who is Wnic?

What's New in Changsha was set up as a Facebook Group originally and this still forms the backbone of WNIC. The emphasis is on open, free sharing of information, events and on foreigners/Chinese helping expats.

The group was founded in 2011 by Damion Braithwaite, a Brit in Changsha, now with a family. Please meet our team of informal friends and associates:


What's New in Changsha is keen to link up with as many local and regional Chinese and foreigners! We want to advertise your event or business, if we think it is what might interest expats living in Changsha. Here are our conditions for material:

  1. The event/material is local or of interest to local foreigners
  2. There's sufficient info and notice given (please, no less than a week!)
  3. Contact details are given where appropriate (avoid personal details)
  4. WNIC is event-orientated (mainly) and is selective with all content

If you want to share a story, contribute to an article or even write a piece on anything or anyone local then please send it in or, if you'd prefer, contact us first to discuss the options! This is very welcome.



As WNIC receives no income it is keen to maximise on advertising to help balance out the other costs associated with running this free service. If you wish to advertise in this website or elsewhere on WNIC, please contact us using the form below. There are set prices for ads. Preference is given to favourable offers:

  • Frontpage ad (clickable link to your own website) + repeat ad on the Events and News pages: 250yuan per month
  • As above + exclusive wechat ad and Facebook link to your enterprise: 500yuan per month
  • Frontpage ad ONLY: 200yuan

SEO for September 2014: 

  • Website (homepage visits) approximately 2000 visits. Wechat account currently at 700+ members. Facebook at approximately 2,600 members. Other channels (Twitter, Youtube, Weibo, Youku approximately 200 members). Total readership estimated, excluding repeat members, around 3,500 individuals (as of October 2014). Grow is projected at around 500+ per month.

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